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Coachella 2014: Solange Knowles Covers Kate Bush And Dances With Beyonce

Solange Knowles delivered one of the best sets of Coachella 2014 and all anyone can talk about is Beyonce crashing the stage during the finale. Yes, it was adorable. Of course, it was a moment. Obviously, I started crying and shaking. But the fact remains that Bey’s baby sister is a brilliant performer in her own right and already had the Gobi tent punters eating out of the palm of her pretty hand.

From the moment the 27-year-old hit the stage rocking a giant afro and bright orange ensemble, there was no doubt that Solange was going to inject some soul into the festival. She posed and preened like a ’70s pin-up girl while belting out True highlights “Don’t Let Me Down” and “Some Things Never Seem To Fucking Work” before demanding the crowd grind along to “Bad Girls”. The alt-R&B darling didn’t have to ask twice.

Once the ratchetivity had been raised to boiling point, Sol-Angel suggested that now was as good a time as any to blaze (hey, it’s California) and delivered a raucous rendition of 2009 single “T.O.N.Y.”. It was a surprising addition to the setlist (the focus was on new material) but nowhere near as unexpected as her heartfelt dedication to Kate Bush — she called her a genius, among other compliments — and subsequent cover of the English diva’s seminal 1985 hit “Cloudbusting”. More »

The Morning Mix: Uzbek Oil Tycoon Hires J.Lo As Wedding Singer

Did You Hear?

:: With three failed marriages under her belt, Jennifer Lopez would most likely not be our first choice of wedding singer. [Just Jared]

:: T-Pain announces collaboration with Ke$ha. New world record for autotune use is imminent. [Rap-Up]

:: Soulja Boy – The Movie coming soon to a theater near you? [Hip Hop Wired]

:: Country superstar Taylor Swift eats lunch and goes shopping in New York. Talk about living on the edge!  [Celebuzz]

:: Pop legend Kate Bush has an album of new material due in November. [The Prophet Blog]

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The Elusive Lady Gaga/Midway State ‘Don’t Give Up’ Video Surfaces

Last month, ’twas the season for Lady Gaga song leaks. But just because we tacked up a new calendar, why should that change? In 2009, the scantily-clad singer recorded a version of the Peter Gabriel/Kate Bush classic “Don’t Give Up” with Nathan Ferraro, frontman of MuchMusic Video Award winners Midway State.

Unfortunately for those two, some naughty bugger leaked the updated “Don’t Give Up” online last summer. The video, however, remained under wraps—until some other naughty bugger leaked it on New Year’s Day. Though the Gaga/Ferraro clip has been yanked down from virtually everywhere, you can have a look-see at it below. (Just do it fast, before the clip disappears again!) More »

Five YouTube Videos That Look Even Better When Turned Into Kaleidoscopes

Today’s Internet curio that should hold your attention for at least 10 minutes: Yooouuutuuube, a Flash-heavy site that breaks down clips frame-by-frame, shrinks those frames down, then creates a huge matrix of flipbooks, each going through the embedded video on its own timetable. It’s one of those sites with a lot of rabbit-hole potential, which is why I’ve decided to share five clips that look pretty amazing when put through it; feel free to share your own.

(The embeds are of the originals; the stretched-out versions are linked from the titles.)

5. “Mexican Breakfast.”

Sadly, clips that aren’t embeddable can’t be processed by the site’s backend, so you’re out of luck if you want to multiply Beyonce and her dancers a billion times. Here’s hoping this will make up for it.

4. Lykke Li, “Little Bit.”

You thought this video was straightforward when you saw it originally, right? Well, now, it will make you see stars.

3. Billy Idol, “Eyes Without A Face.”

I like to think that this site will also make people appreciate the sort of cinematography that is striking even when it’s shrunk down to thumbnail size.

2. Kate Bush, “Wuthering Heights.”

Because there’s never enough Kate Bush.

1. “Shrimp Running On A Treadmill With The Benny Hill Theme.”

You already know.

[HT Nick Minichino]