Khia Claims Janet Jackson’s New Album Put Her To Sleep, Explains Why She Was Cut From “So Excited” Video

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Khia Hates On Janet And Broke-Ass Record Execs, Craves Lil Wayne’s Lollipop

nasti.jpgKhia, disqualified Miss Rap Supreme contestant and author of “My Neck, My Back,” has launched a busload of blog beef, occasioned in part by her leaving Big Cat Records two weeks before the release of her new album, Nasti Muzik 08. She claims that the label wrote her a bad check and gave her nothing in the way of promotion. “So guess what????? Say hello to my little Jewish friend…….. You know dat Im gonna laugh all the way to the bank dontcha??? Yall betta have all yall receipts, invoices and budgets together…. Cuz Im bout to sue the hell out yall assess!!!!!!” Khia also takes issue with those who haven’t signed her, like Jermaine Dupri, who claimed on Hot 97 that Khia was “ungrateful” for the attention she received from being on Janet Jackson’s 2006 flop “So Excited.” Khia, unsurprisingly, thinks the real problem is that Dupri’s gay and Jackson’s menopausal. “Now run and tell dat!!!!!! Nasti Muzik 08!!!!!”

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