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Lady Gaga Announces Diane Warren Collaboration “Till It Happens To You”

Lady Gaga Poses With Adele
Lady Gaga Poses With Adele
The 'ARTPOP' diva gets Little Monsters pumped with this selfie -- but what could it mean?

Lady Gaga ended 2014 by hitting the studio with acclaimed songwriter Diane Warren, best known for her power ballads. Now, a month later, the resulting collaboration has made its debut at this year’s Sundance Film Festival. Their new song, “Till It Happens to You,” appears in Kirby Dick‘s The Hunting Ground, a documentary that exposes the troubling rape culture at college campuses nationwide.

While “Till It Happens to You” hasn’t surfaced online yet, Lady Gaga and Warren did exchange some lyrics on Twitter, to give fans an idea of what to expect — “Till it happens to you, you don’t know how it feels,” and “Till your world burns and crashes, till [you're] at the end, the end of your rope.” In her review, The Hollywood Reporter‘s Leslie Felperin says that the song “provides an extra jolt of poignancy” in the film.

See Lady Gaga and Diane Warren announce “Till It Happens to You” on Twitter below. More »

Lady Gaga Approves Of Naked ‘Broad City’ “Edge Of Glory” Dance: Watch

The Edge Of Nudity
Lady Gaga Posts Selfie With Adele
Lady Gaga Posts Selfie With Adele
Lady Gaga and Adele: BFFs! What are these two divas up to?!

Everyone knows that there is no greater joy on this Earth than the sudden realization that you are home alone, allowing you free reign to do whatever you want. And by whatever, we mean dancing around naked to the sound of your favorite pop queens.

Luckily, Comedy Central’s Broad City has captured this experience brilliantly during their latest episode, in which Abbi strips down and busts a move to Lady Gaga‘s Born This Way anthem, “The Edge Of Glory.” The whole sequence is hilarious (and perhaps too real), and the clip quickly made its rounds across the Internet once the episode aired this week, leading all the way to Mother Monster herself. Did she appreciate the gesture? More »

Lady Gaga Posts Selfie With Adele: What Could It Mean?

Lady Gaga Reunited With RedOne
Lady Gaga Reunited With RedOne
"RedMother Monster might not be done crafting hits with one of her earliest pop collaborators, after all

Lady Gaga and Adele: BFFs!

The ARTPOP diva has been getting Little Monsters pumped over the past few weeks by posting photos writing and recording new music on Instagram, including some cameos by her longtime collaborator RedOne which may or may not suggest a return to her early Fame-era pop roots. Last evening, Gaga posted yet another shot with the producer — and then threw in a curveball: A selfie with a fresh-faced and beaming Adele, posing cheek to cheek with the “Bad Romance” songstress.

“Nothing like a Wednesday night bro-down with the beautiful Adele,” she captioned the photo. (Completely casual. Who doesn’t love a night in with Adele?) It’s lovely to see these two superstars hanging out IRL, but the real question is: Will there be music made together, or was this simply a friendly hang-out sesh? More »

In Celebration Of Asia, Lady Gaga’s Adorable French Bulldog: 20 Cute Pics

Lady Gaga's Big New Hairstyle: 8 Pics
Lady Gaga's Big New Hairstyle: 8 Pics
How long has Lady Gaga been dressing like Cher circa 1987?

The term “Queen Of Pop” gets thrown around all too loosely across the blogosphere, which is why it’s important that we bring it back and really recognize the true owner worthy of the title: Asia, Lady Gaga‘s iconic French bulldog.

Affectionately nicknamed “Batpig” (likely due to her bat-like ears and pig-like face, but also her impressive array of superpowers most closely similar to Batman), Asia is a true legend. Her #PhucksFree attitude is rivaled only by Rihanna, while her sad puppy face could make even the hardest and most toughest and strongest #RebelHearts like Madonna weep for days. Hell, she even scored a Harper’s Bazaar cover back in September! There’s simply no stopping this fierce and fashionable pup. Accordingly, we’ve rounded up some of Asia’s best photos over the nearly full year since Gaga adopted her beloved Batpig. More »

Divas Of The Desert: 10 Of The Best (& Sandiest) Music Videos

Rock In Rio USA Reveal Lineup
Rock In Rio USA Reveal Lineup
Sam Smith, Jessie J, Tove Lo & Charli XCX Join Taylor Swift, No Doubt & others join.

Charli XCX and Rita Ora showed off their rowdy robber sides in the “Doing It” video, which dropped today (January 20). But prior to its release, our favorite divas have tousled and gotten messy in the desert to achieve some pretty iconic videos over the years!

It goes to show that females can also be badasses in the Wild Wild West just as much (or even better than) the boys. In the gallery above, revisit ten of the best desert-themed music videos from ladies like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and more! More »

Lady Gaga Reunited With RedOne In The Recording Studio Last Night: See The Pic

Gaga And Tony Perform "Winter Wonderland"
Gaga And Tony Perform "Winter Wonderland"
Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed their version of holiday classic "Winter Wonderland" on Christmas Day on Good Morning America.

RedOne! Gaga!” Remember those glorious days? Well, Mother Monster might not be done crafting hits with one of her earliest pop collaborators, after all.

Last night, the Cheek To Cheek diva posted a photo in the studio reuniting with the “Poker Face” producer, providing one of the first peeks into what Gaga is working on post-ARTPOP. From The Fame‘s “Just Dance” to The Fame Monster‘s “Bad Romance” to Born This Way‘s “Judas,” RedOne’s had a hand in producing some of Gaga’s most memorable pop hits. Granted, it’s not as though Gaga’s ever not worked with him — he did make one appearance for ARTPOP‘s fan-favorite “Gypsy” — but his involvement in her albums did slowly lessen over time.

Could she be working with him again in full force on the new LP? To be fair, she did let it slip that the new album is more like her “old self.” Considering their success together, this might be the best news ever for Little Monsters.

What do you make of the Gaga reunion with RedOne? Is this a good idea for Gaga? Check out the full Instagram below, and sound off in the comments. More »

Pitbull, Lady Gaga, Ed Sheeran & No Doubt To Play At New Orleans Jazz Fest 2015: See The Eclectic Line-Up

Coachella 2015 Lineup
Coachella 2015 Lineup
This year's annual fest, staged in Indio, California, will take place over the weekends of April 10-12 and April 17-19.

This might just be the weirdest (or just the most amazing) festival announcement yet.

Following the newly announced line-ups for Coachella and the NYC Governors Ball Music Festival last week, the New Orleans Jazz Fest headliners have been revealed today…and it’s totally random.

While jazzy Cheek To Cheek sweethearts Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett surely come as no surprise as headliners, the list also includes Pitbull (dale!), Ed Sheeran, T.I. and No Doubt. Kind of a loose definition of jazz, no? That is, unless Pitbull will be serving up jazzy renditions of “Hotel Room Service” and “Fireball,” in which case…we’re already on a plane right now.

Check out the full roster in the announcement video after the jump, which also includes Elton John, The Who, Keith Urban, Hozier, Big Freedia, Estelle, John Legend, Kacey Musgraves and Paloma Faith. Will you be attending? More »

Lady Gaga And Tony Bennett Perform “Winter Wonderland” On ‘Good Morning America’: Watch

Walking In A Winter Wonderland
Lady Gaga Is Working On 'ARTPOP' Follow-Up
Lady Gaga Is Working On 'ARTPOP' Follow-Up
She reveals that she's working on new music, but then she says, "I want it to be a surprise."

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett performed their version of holiday classic “Winter Wonderland” on Christmas Day on Good Morning America — having surprised fans with their rendition earlier in December.

Like with their jazz standards album Cheek to Cheek and the ensuing live performances, Lady Gaga has tried her best to sell the transformation she underwent this year. With a floor-length fur stole draped over one shoulder, she belted every note, flaunting her chops to an audience that was likely grossed out by her meat dress at one time. Meanwhile, Bennett sang with an ease that could only come from performing this way for more than 50 years. More »

2014 In Review — The Year Pop Star Booty Went Mainstream: 18 Sexy Pics

Pop Divas Bared Their Boobs (A Lot) In 2014
Pop Divas Bared Their Boobs (A Lot) In 2014
In many ways, 2014 was the year of the celebrity nude. Here are some of the sexiest pop star snaps.

One hundred years from now, when pop culture historians look back on 2014, they will be astounded (or perhaps just slightly amused) by our fascination with ass. You couldn’t click on YouTube without seeing a bottom-heavy diva shake her butt, or flick through Instagram without being greeted by a boy band’s buns. The obsession even crossed over into the music itself with Nicki Minaj landing a massive hit with “Anaconda” and Jennifer Lopez racking up those video streams with Iggy Azalea-assisted club-banger, “Booty.”

What does it all mean? You could argue that we, as a society, are becoming less tolerant of slut shaming, more accepting of our bodies or simply harder to shock. Hence the more-is-more approach to self-promotion. Whatever the case may be, the class of 2014 certainly left their mark. Rihanna‘s Lui magazine spread is legendary and Kim Kardashian almost broke the internet with her Paper magazine shoot. Meanwhile, Nick Jonas kickstarted his solo career by dropping his pants. See the year in ass up top. More »

2014 In Review — Pop Divas Bared Their Boobs (A Lot): 22 Pics

Miley Cyrus Is The Queen Of Nudes
Miley Cyrus Is The Queen Of Nudes
Miley Cyrus posed nude multiple times in 2014. Here are the 'Bangerz' diva's 18 sexiest pics.

In many ways, 2014 was the year of the celebrity nude. Never before has ditching your clothes in the name of artistic expression — and free publicity — been so accepted and common-place. The leading ladies of pop took turns upping the ante in raunchy magazine shoots (let’s be honest, Rihanna won), while guys also got in on the act — posing in underwear and, in the case of one extremely popular boy band, sending a dick pic to fans.

To celebrate the nude achievements of our beloved pop divas, I’ve curated a gallery of their best topless moments. (Don’t worry, ladies. An equivalent male gallery is on the way!) Special mention must go to Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Rita Ora, Nicki Minaj, Madonna and RiRi for their tireless dedication to nudity. All of them went above and beyond — posing for multiple semi-clothed photo shoots. Peruse their finest pics up top. More »