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Girls Take It Off: 16 Super Sexy Pics Of Pop Divas Baring Almost All In 2014 (Q3)

It’s time for our quarterly round-up of raunchy pop diva pics! And, as usual, the leading ladies of music did not disappoint. In further proof that 2014 is the year of the nude, it was almost an embarrassment of the riches with everyone from 19-year-old newcomer Niykee Heaton to 56-year-old pop legend Madonna losing their clothes in the name of self expression/free publicity.

The usual candidates are all represented. Outtakes from Rihanna‘s iconic Lui magazine shoot surfaced online and got everyone clicking, while Miley Cyrus‘ Instagram account remains a valid alternative to PornHub. Honorable mentions go to Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea for proving that rap divas do it better. Peruse the (semi-NSFW) gallery up top. More »

Madonna Ended Her Week By Posting A Selfie Of Her Crotch In A Bathtub On Instagram Because, Well, Madonna

Well, here’s how Madonna is celebrating the 20-year anniversary of her sixth studio album, Bedtime Stories (released on October 25, 1994) — with a lovely bathroom Instagram pic of her Madgesty in all her spread-eagle glory. We here at Idolator decided to celebrate the the LP by revisiting it with one of our retrospective Backtracking pieces. Take a bow and check it out! More »

Madonna’s “Bedtime Stories” Turns 20: Backtracking

Backtracking is our recurring look back at the pop music that shaped our lives. Our friends may come and go, but we’ll be spinning our favorite albums forever.

Throughout her extensive career, Madonna (a.k.a. The Queen of Pop) has worn many, quite controversial hats. Whether it be a girly-girl for 1986′s True Blue, a political rebel for 2003′s American Life or a disco goddess for 2005′s Confession On A Dancefloorthe entertainer always knows how to switch up her persona to keep her fans interested and the world guessing what her next move will be. (Well, maybe not with MDNA. I’d like to forget that album.)

But one of the singer’s greatest musical eras was arguably her most subtle. On October 25, 1994, her sixth studio LP Bedtime Stories released worldwide. The album found Madonna easing up on her naughty persona and going for a softer vibe, and today (October 24) we celebrate its timeless sound.

Madonna’s much talked about album, Erotica (released in 1992), did not go over well with critics or some of the entertainer’s fans. The backlash she received from it stemmed from its explicitly sexual nature (which included the infamous Sex book). Two years later, Bedtime Stories acted as the tamer, more mellow sister that tried to gloss over the singer’s panned image. While it was obviously a cleaned-up and more accessible album, it still signified another era of change for Madonna. Sure, she makes incredible dance-pop classics, but Bedtime Stories displayed the evolution of a soulful singer, and it helped lead to albums like the adventurous Ray of Light (1998) and possibly even the “B-girl” edge of 2008′s Hard Candy (as crazy as that sounds). More »

Madonna Reacts To Nun Sister Cristina’s “Like A Virgin” Cover With A Pair Of Instagram Photos

Just Like A Prayer

Sister Cristina raised her voice, and Madonna heard it. The 26-year-old Italian nun won The Voice Italy earlier this year after initially stunning her home country with her cover of “No One.” Now, in a bid for some attention-grabbing promo, the holy songbird has covered Madonna‘s “Like A Virgin” ahead of the release of her upcoming album (out November 11).

Her Madgesty apparently caught wind of Sister Cristina’s divine rendition, as she posted two Photoshopped images today on Instagram featuring herself with the Italian sensation.

“Like A Virgin? #bitinghard,” Madonna, who has had an infamous history with the Catholic church, captioned the one photo. On the other she simply noted, “Sisters for Life! #touchedfortheveryfirsttime”

Catch the pop queen’s photo-reactions below, then see Sister Cristina’s album tracklist — which includes Jessie J, Keane and Cyndi Lauper covers — here. More »

Whatcha Say: Mariah Carey, Kesha And LeAnn Rimes Got Our Readers Talking

Oh boy, was it a super jam-packed week for pop music! The 2014 American Music Awards nominations were announced, with Iggy Azalea leading the pack. Ariel Pink dissed Madonna‘s recent work, while Christina Aguilera announced her return to The Voice next year along with new music – SAY! We also interviewed Nicole Scherzinger about her upcoming LP, Big Fat Lie and launched an Ibrawlator where you can vote for which pop diva will have the best album by year’s end!

Our favorite insightful tweeters, Chris Brown and Azealia Banks gave their thoughts on the Ebola epidemic. Speaking of Banks, she decided to jump into the messy Snoop Dogg vs. Iggy Azalea social media feud. Snoop has since apologized for starting the drama. But the biggest and most shocking news of the week was Kesha revealing she’d allegedly been sexually and physically abused by producer Dr. Luke for 10 years. The singer has sued the producer, which escalated into a messy lawsuit.

As always, our readers had a lot to say. But they were definitely more opinionated than usual! Check out some of the week’s best comments after the jump. More »

Natalia Kills Talks Working With Madonna, New Music In ‘Paper Magazine’

Natalia Kills may be a real problem, but not if you ask her newest BFF, Madonna.

In a new story for Paper Magazine, the Trouble dark-pop princess revealed how the Queen Of Pop first tapped the songstress to hop into the studio for the MDNA follow-up, as well as providing some insight into their studio time together — and Madge’s studio demeanor. “She writes incredible lyrics, sings beautiful melodies, but most of all she is so fucking funny,” Kills told the magazine.

Natalia also revealed that together they, along with Cherrytree Records label head Martin Kierszenbaum, wrote 8 songs in just one week. That’s some serious musical chemistry! And, surprisingly, she’s got a troupe of dancers to thank for being involved in the upcoming project. “Madonna’s dancers play my music during her rehearsals and workouts every week,” she revealed. And now we know where Madonna gets her inspiration. More »

Madonna “Has No Interest” In Working With Ariel Pink

Oh! What a terrible shame: Ariel Pink won’t be involved with the Queen Of Pop’s new record, after all.

Yesterday, the indie singer-songwriter confirmed that he was tapped to write for Madonna’s new record, only to then go on a semi-sexist rant about the iconic’s singer’s “downward slide” (“she can’t just have her Avicii, her producers or whatever, come up with a new techno jam for her to gyrate to and pretend that she’s 20 years old”) while discrediting her latest albums — even labeling her critically acclaimed 1998 record Ray Of Light as “not cool.” Not too many fans felt kindly about his dismissive comments, and even Grimes jumped in to declare Pink’s comments as “delusional misogyny” on Twitter last night.

Concerned? Don’t worry: Madge is #unapologeticallyunbothered by all of this, as confirmed in a statement from her manager Guy Oseary on Twitter yesterday. “I have never heard of @arielxpink. The label may have reached out but M has no interest in working with mermaids,” he said to a fan wondering about Ariel Pink’s involvement. Guess he won’t be doing “that return-to-values thing” after all — but we’re pretty sure Madonna is doing just fine having her fun with Diplo and crew. More »

Ariel Pink Talks Working On Madonna’s New Album, And Disses Her Recent Work In The Process

There are many artists and producers on board for Madonna‘s forthcoming 13th (!!) studio LP, and Ariel Pink recently revealed that he’ll also be lending a hand in the songwriting process. But he’s not really giving the Queen of Pop her props. In a recent interview with Faster Louder, the musician blatantly stated Madonna has gone downhill since the release of 1998′s Ray Of Light. Ouch!

Apparently, he was picked by Interscope records to give some life back to the singer. “They need something edgy. They need songwriting,” Pink said. “She can’t just have her Avicii, her producers or whatever, come up with a new techno jam for her to gyrate to and pretend that she’s 20 years old. They actually need songs. I’m partly responsible for that return-to-values thing.” Read on to see what else Pink had to say. More »

Alicia Keys Talks About Working On The New Madonna Album

Madonna‘s upcoming album is rapidly becoming one big music industry group project: From Diplo to Avicii to Natalia Kills to Blood Diamonds, there’s seemingly no end to the amount of hands on the Queen Of Pop’s long-awaited MDNA follow-up. But why stop there?

One of the latest collaborators? The girl on fire herself, Miss Alicia Keys, confirmed last month after Madonna posted an Instagram (naturally!) giving the songstress a shout out. And now, Alicia’s starting to speak out about the collaboration.

In a new interview with Vibe, the talented R&B diva spilled on working on Madge’s latest, and how it all came to be: “It was good. I was in here doing a meeting or something and she was working with Diplo. They were like, “Oh, maybe you can play some piano on this thing.” And I was like, “Alright. I’ll try. If you hate it you can take it off.” It was just like that, casual and cool,” she explains. Casual and cool, indeed! More »

Mary Lambert Talks “Secrets”, Finding Fame With “Same Love” & Madonna: Idolator Interview

“I’ve got bipolar disorder, my shit’s not in order,” confesses Mary Lambert in the opening verse of hit single “Secrets”. She then sings about being overweight, gay and a bunch of other completely normal things that don’t get mentioned enough in pop songs. It’s this complete lack of pretense that makes the 25-year old the realest (and possibly the most endearing) diva on the radio.

I recently caught up with the Seattle-born singer/songwriter to chat about her debut LP Heart On My Sleeve (due October 14) and, as expected, she was an open book. Mary happily explained her new pop sound, talked finding fame as the featured vocalist on Macklemore & Ryan Lewis“Same Love” and spilled the beans about performing with Madonna at the Grammys. Read our Q&A after the jump. More »