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Heartbreakers, Dark Ladies & Atomic Bombs: 11 Sexy Animated Music Video Singers

Tunes And 'Toons
Any discussion of music video animation must begin — and rightly so — by invoking “Money For Nothing” by Dire Straits. but do you really want to boink any of them? (Quiet, Mom.)

Today, class, we’re focusing on music videos where lead singers are animated…and sexy as hell! (Deemed ineligible, but fabulous, are stop-motion animation and bands where the members are already animated.) Here, for your prurient perusal, is the definitive list of the sexiest cartoon versions of lead singers, from nottest to hottest. More »

Election 2012: The 5 Best Tweets From Last Night’s Presidential Debate

The online discussion during last night’s (October 16) second presidential debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney peaked at an astonishing 110,000 tweets per minute, with political commentators and everyday citizens alike offering opinions on the conversation. And yet, of equal import were the tweets from America’s recording artists, like Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert, who entered the fray to offer insight, humor and — in Aubrey O’Day‘s case — some rather cogent points on the myth of capital gains for the lower class, how “we live in a world of difference, [s]hrouded in perspective,” and why Romney is a “flop.” (Seriously, if O’Day’s solo career doesn’t pan out, she could probably make a killing as a pundit on MSNBC, or maybe a haiku writer.)

See our five favorite tweets from last night’s debate after the jump: More »

Amy Winehouse: One-Year Timeline Since The Singer’s Tragic Death

Soulful award winner Amy Winehouse died just under a year ago, on July 23, 2011. Sadly, she followed artists such as Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain by becoming yet another member of the tragic “27 Club”. Meanwhile, the UK singer’s legacy since passing away has been marked by music, accolades and controversy. But the main fact remains that we all remain interested in Amy, perhaps even more so now than ever.

Above, we compiled a timeline of events revolving around Winehouse that have occurred since the Back To Black diva’s untimely death. Flip through to see just why this talented but tortured soul keeps on capturing our imagination.

Amy Winehouse Tributes: The Best Performances In The Year Since Her Death

Remembering Amy
When Amy Winehouse died on July 23, 2011, at the age of 27, some called the tragedy “unavoidable”. Whether or not you agreed with that particular sentiment, you can’t deny that on that day one year ago, music lost one of the most unique and soulful voices of our time. Russell Brand said it best in his tribute to his late friend: “Whether this tragedy was preventable or not is now irrelevant. It is not preventable today.”

Then the industry gathered to collectively grieve in the manner most natural to them: in song. Through live performances both premeditated and impromptu, her contemporaries honored the British singer and her otherworldly talent with a series of touching tributes that continue even today. Below we’ve included the seven standouts that moved us most of all. More »

Mark Ronson And Katy B Celebrate Olympics “Anywhere In The World”

Katy B
Watch Katy B And Mark Ronson Party With The 2012 Olympians
When official sponsor Coke asked Mark Ronson to come up with a song for the Olympic Games in London this summer, he decided to skip the beat makers and sound machines and went straight to the athletes for inspiration. And “Anywhere in the World” was born. Enlisting Katy B to provide the vocals, Ronson recorded, manipulated and combined the natural sounds that came from this year’s Olympians across the globe like Mexican Taekwondo athlete Maria del Rosario Espinoza muffled punches, Russian runner Kseniya Olegovna Vdovina’s heartbeat and the grunts of Great Britain table tennis player Darius Knight. Not only is a great track to get down to this summer, the massive party and choreographed sport displays featured in the music video make it even more epic. More »

Rufus Wainwright Calls Lady Gaga “Predictable And Boring”

We haven’t had a good ole fashioned Lady Gaga feud in a while, have we? Sure, Madonna called Mother Monster “reductive”, but pretty much left it at that. Singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright, however, was willing to fully explain his feelings towards the pop star. Wainwright was discussing his new album Out Of The Game with Music Week when the topic of Gaga came up (as it typically does), and so did some truth-bombs that will surely inspire the pop star’s little monsters to go into attack mode. Said Wainwright, “I totally admire her tenacity, her ambition and her strength of vision. There’s just not one good song there.” More »

Mark Ronson Performs “Valerie”, Tributes Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse’s friend and collaborator Mark Ronson performed with his band the Business International last night in London, and the producer honored his late friend with some touching words, as well as some music. “I went to her service yesterday,” Ronson told the crowd, “And there was a rabbi that spoke and he said that somebody’s life is measured in deeds and not years and that’s the best thing I heard yesterday.” Head below for more, including Ronson playing his and Amy’s most well-known collaboration, “Valerie”. More »

Amy Winehouse’s London Funeral: Friends And Family Mourn Together

A funeral was held in honor of Amy Winehouse today at Edgwarebudy Lane cemetery in London. Friends and family — including producer and collaborator Mark Ronson, and close friend Kelly Osbourne — grieved the loss of the magnetic pop star. It is reported that during the service, loved ones sang Carole King’s “So Far Away”, the British songbird’s favorite tune. While toxicology reports of the “Valerie” singer’s mysterious and untimely death will not be released until October, it is comforting to know those closest to Amy have had a chance to say goodbye and lay her memory to rest.

Carmageddon: Idolator’s Survival Playlist

We’ve survived the Rapture, we’ve enjoyed Alpocolypse, but it seems our day of judgment has finally arrived. Carmageddon, as it’s been nicknamed due to the closure of the vital 405 freeway, will be descending upon LA at midnight tonight and lasting for the next 53 painful hours. As Los Angelenos prepare for the worst traffic in the notoriously gridlocked city’s history by planning alternate routes or stocking up on supplies to stay in all weekend (house party, y’all) we’ve decided to pitch in with our very own Survival Playlist. Jump below for odes to alternate forms of transportation to get you through till Monday.

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The Morning Mix: Trent Reznor Wins An Oscar

Did You Hear?

:: The Nine Inch Nails frontman picked up an Oscar last night for composing the score to The Social Network. Now he just needs a Tony and an Emmy to properly EGOT! [Spinner]

:: James Van Der Beek – or, as Ke$ha puts it, Van Der Douche – talks about shooting lasers among unicorns in the pop star’s video for “Blow”. [PopWatch]

:: Taylor Swift and Glee‘s Chord Overstreet took in a hockey game together. Just friends, or future parents of the blondest children ever? [MTV Buzzworthy]

:: Pop stars have a long history of using their music videos to advertise their fragrances. [Jezebel]

:: Mark Ronson will be writing all the music for the Russell Brand-starring Arthur. We heartily approve of Ronson, Daft Punk, Trent Reznor and other artists taking a sabbatical from dropping albums to compose a film score. [Vulture]

After the jump, find out which music acts are performing on the tube today.
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