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The Governors Ball 2012 Recap: A Tale Of Two Days

This weekend marked the second rolling of The Governors Ball Music Festival, and this year the event was wisely expanded to two days and to a bigger NYC island. There were two unique advantages to this: First, the days were split into unofficial themes, with Saturday (Jun. 23) being more dance focused and Sunday (Jun. 24) more rock-centric. Second: No sets overlapped. Though, this does remove the kinda fun sense of pressure/desperation that comes with deciding which bands to see. More »

The Morning Mix: Big Boi Collaborating With Modest Mouse

Did You Hear?

:: In today’s installment of Bizarre Collaborations, Big Boi is recording songs with Modest Mouse for the group’s new album. “It’s just like a big-ass brainstorm, a brain-stormin’, tsunami, typhoon, tectonic-plates-movin’ kind of thing,” says the Outkast member, who will also receive a producer credit on the LP. “We do all types of music, so to get the chance to jam with a jammin’-ass band, I knew it was going to be cool.” [Vulture]

:: Willow Smith flies through the air in the behind-the-scenes footage of the pint-sized pop star rehearsing for her Kids Choice Awards performance. [Celebuzz]

:: Jennifer Hudson and a few other acts will be paying tribute to Bob Marley all next week on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. [EW Music Mix]

:: MTV wonders what every track on Lady Gaga’s Born This Way is about. Our favorite guess of what “Highway Unicorn” is about: “A 17-minute overture about socioeconomic class divisions in America and the pitfalls of modern capitalism. Or maybe a dance track, we haven’t decided.” [MTV Buzzworthy]

:: Justin Timberlake and Justin Bieber have both been nominated for an MTV Movie Award, which will only encourage both artists to continue making movies. [Neon Limelight]

Will “Vinyl Saturday” Drag People Back To The Record Stores?

The people behind the one-day indie-music-retail blowout Record Store Day are hoping so; they’ve declared the third Saturday of every month Vinyl Saturday, on which limited-edition vinyl releases will be available at participating indie shops. The first installment is Saturday, June 20, and there will be four special releases on shelves that day:

• A Wilco seven-inch (“You Never Know” b/w “Unlikely Japan,” recorded in 2003);
• A Green Day seven-inch (“Know Your Enemy” b/w “Hearts Collide”);
• A Modest Mouse seven-inch (“Autumn Beds” b/w “Whale Song”–this will actually be at all record stores on the 23rd, but Vinyl Saturday participants will allegedly get it in time to sell it Saturday); and
• A Pete Yorn/ScarJo seven-inch (a duet b/w a Yorn demo).

By some measures, this list is certainly impressive. But like the list of Record Store Day exclusives before it, I can’t help but feel that the organizers aren’t doing themselves any favors by being so genre-narrow, particularly when one looks at the types of records that sell lots of copies on days when indie retailers aren’t banding together to fight for survival. And that restrictiveness is certainly not a question of whether or not major labels will participate; all four of the bands above are signed to subsidiaries of The Big Four.

I’d think that people invested in the survival of record stores would want to broaden their consumer base, rather than superserving a slice of the pie that in recent years has proven hostile to paying for music on an aggregate basis. (Divide the number of words written about your recent-vintage bloggo darlings’ albums by said records’ sales; chances are that number will be much greater than one.) Plus there’s even more chance for cross-pollination between genres then: A 7-inch of Chrisette Michele’s “Epiphany” backed with her cover of “Don’t Speak” could draw in fans of No Doubt / Gwen Stefani, for example. Or, heck, William Beckett’s cover of “Heartbeats” could be a nice b-side for a single by The Academy Is…; his band has a rabid fanbase, and I’d think bringing them into new retail realms would be a greater boon in the long run for those businesses’ survival than clinging to some outdated notion of “cool.”

Record Store Day Presents – Vinyl Saturday! [Each Note Secure; HT Radio Exile]
[Pic via Collector’s Quest]

Additions to Langerado Lineup

While nothing seems to be on the Coachella horizon today, Langerado (whose initial lineup announcement led to some regrettable inside-Idolator consternation) added a few acts to beef up the Thievery Corporation-headlined fest in Miami: This year’s bill now includes Modest Mouse, the Dean Ween Band, Alberta Cross, and Deerhunter. With Johnny Marr playing with the Cribs these days, who’s on guitar for Modest Mouse these days? Craig Gannon? [Langerado]

While nothing seems to be on the Coachella horizon today, Langerado (whose initial lineup announcement led to some regrettable inside-Idolator consternation) added a few acts to beef up the Thievery Corporation-headlined fest in Miami: This year’s bill now includes Modest Mouse, the Dean Ween Band, Alberta Cross, and Deerhunter. With Johnny Marr playing with the Cribs these days, who’s on guitar for Modest Mouse these days? Craig Gannon? [Langerado]

This Week’s Top 12: Remixed Gallaghers, R & B Royalty, And (Surprise!) Ida Maria

Welcome to the inaugural version of The Idolator Dozen, our new weekly countdown of notable-slash-positive happenings in the music world as decided by me. To answer your questions: “Why?”; “Ranking things is fun, duh.” “Why 12?”; “Because I like the number, and always have.” “What’s on the list?”; “Whatever I say, plus maybe a few things that I neglected to get to during the week.” “Why now?”; “Why not now?” “When will then be now?”; “Soon.” The top 12 after the jump!

1. Ida Maria at the Mercury Lounge, NYC. Like this wasn’t going to top my week. The Norwegian singer’s East Coast debut could definitely be described as “chaotic,” but her dedicating it to the plane that landed in the Hudson River yesterday should have served as a portent. Nevertheless, she’s a star, someone who can be utterly fascinating while merely being engrossed by the way her beaded dress glimmers in the spotlight when she moves.

2. The end of not everything, but a lot of things. Virgin Megastore, Circuit City, Indie 103.1, Dodgeball, other stuff that I probably missed: On the one hand, the closure of all those record stores will probably result in prices going down for a split second; on the other, who has money to buy $18.99 records at 20% off these days, anyway?

3. R & B Kings 2009. Would’ve been 2009′s real album of the year so far were it not for the presence of 50 Cent.

4. The Songsmith remix of “Wonderwall.” Gallaghers gone happy hardcore?

The slowdown before the verses start again = best.

5. Bret Michaels incessantly wearing his own band’s shirts on Rock Of Love Bus: Somehow Not Sponsored By Lysol. Incredibly, I do not mean Poison here. I guess he maybe thinks he’ll get away with it because most people won’t figure out what “BMB” means?

6. Being reminded of how Charles Schulz used to sneak a little bit of music pedagogy into his comic strips. Would an editor let him get away with that today? Doubtful.

7. Modest Mouse, “Float On.” Hands up if you had this and/or “I Have Been Floated” during that whole awkward Hudson River plane incident yesterday.

8. The Joy Formidable. Sugar-rush guitar-pop from Wales. Have I mentioned that between this band, Ida Maria, the new Franz Ferdinand album, and the aforementioned R & B mixtape, I’m more excited about music than I have been in maybe months?

9. Janeane Garofalo on 24 being the catalyst for my first serious ’90s-nostalgia trip of 2009. I spent a sizeable chunk of Monday night hunting down Suede videos and wondering to anyone who would listen if they were one of the top 20 bands of the past 20 years. Everyone said “no,” but I’m still debating.

10. Jade’s “Don’t Walk Away.” Was reminded of this song’s utter jam status when researching the SWV/Survivor post earlier this week.

11. This pun. It really did have the right stuff.

12. The knowledge that next week’s episodes of American Idol will only be an hour long each. We all need something to look forward to in these dark times, you know?

R.E.M. Has, In Fact, Seen The Rain

The New York metropolitan area was treated to some fierce (in both power and awesomeness to behold) thunderstorms on Saturday, and they happened to coincide with R.E.M.’s concert at Long Island’s Jones Beach Theater–a venue which, as you might deduce from the name, sits right on the Atlantic Ocean, and which also has a “rain or shine” policy for pretty much all of its shows. In keeping with the evening’s theme, Michael Stipe & Co. opened their set (which was delayed by about half an hour) with a one-two punch of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Have You Ever Seen The Rain” and their own “South Central Rain.” (What, no cover Live’s “Lightning Crashes” for the trifecta?) After the jump, footage of Modest Mouse playing through increasingly closing-in lightning, and R.E.M. pulling out a long-banished-from-the-set-list track for the soggy faithful.

Modest Mouse Lightning Approaching [YouTube]
R.E.M. Have You Ever Seen The Rain/South Central Rain [YouTube]
R.E.M. – It’s The End Of The World… [YouTube]

Leak Of The Day, Part II: Modest Mouse Smell A “Rat”

modestmaos.jpgNow that the final Soundscan numbers are trickling in, it looks as though today will soon be officially declared Modest Mouse Day–not only here at the Idolator flophouse, but around the world (Bush will speak on the matter at noon, and aides say the President will confess that he finds Johnny Marr’s “way too subtle to pinpoint”). In further celebration of all things Brock, i guess i’m floating has an MP3 of “King Rat,” the new vinyl-only B-side from the We Were Dead… sessions:

Modest Mouse – King Rat (vinyl rip) [MP3, link expired]

Who Charted? Modest Mouse’s “Ship” Floats Into The No. 1 Spot

sink.jpgA mere 10% of our readers thought that Modest Mouse’s We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank would top the 125,000-copies sold mark last week, and it turns out that the minority was right: Thanks in part, no doubt, to some key American Idol placement, the Johnny Marr-fortified outfit sold 129,000 copies of Ship, a tally high enough to give them the No. 1 slot on this week’s Billboard 200. Coming in at No. 2 was ersatz soulstress Joss Stone, whose Introducing Joss Stone moved 118,000 copies last week.

Biggest Debuts: Last year’s third-place finisher on American Idol, Elliott Yamin, came in at No. 3, selling 90,000 copies of his self-titled debut; this will, however, probably be the only week that he finishes ahead of fellow contestant Chris Daughtry on the chart. (Sorry, Elliott. You should have lobbied to have a track on your album be the Idol play-off music this year.) Marques Houston’s Veteran debuted at No. 5, selling 68,000 copies.

Biggest Slides: Last week’s No. 1, Musiq Soulchild’s Luvanmusiq, took a 64% sales hit and dipped to No. 8; last week’s No. 2, Lloyd’s Street Love, was both behind and ahead of it, with a 62% decline and a drop to No. 7.

Charting The Decline: Album sales this week are up slightly over last week, with a 2.6 gain (8.50 million units last week, 8.76 million this week), but they’re still down 18.2% from this time last year, when album sales totaled 10.66 million units.

Nickelback Award For Inexplicable Durability: The Juggalos will never die: “Several more albums bowed this week in the top 50 on The Billboard 200, including Insane Clown Posse’s Psychopathic set “The Tempest” at No. 20 (33,000), the group’s eleventh album to enter the chart.” Uh, who wants to lead the Faygo toast?

Modest Mouse Steers Its ‘Ship’ To No. 1 Debut [Billboard]

Can Modest Mouse Fire It Up All The Way To Number One?

modestmousers.jpgIt’s been a week since Modest Mouse released We Were Dead Before The Ship Even Sank, easily one of this most heavily anticipated albums of mid-March. Dead is the follow-up to 2004′s Another Long-Ass Title, an album that sold 1.5 million copies and made converts out of many idle Americans; but with record sales down and file-sharing on the rise, how many copies of Ship will hit the fans?

(Oh, and don’t cheat!)

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