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Sugababes’ Original Lineup Hit The Studio Together

Mutya Buena And Sisqo (!) Sex Up NightShift’s ‘Can You Persuade Me’

Are The Original Sugababes Going To Reform—And Put Out Solo Records? (Please Say Yes, Especially To That Last Bit)

sugababesogA UK gossip site is reporting that the three original members of the girl group Sugababes—Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena, and the completely brilliant Siobhán Donaghy, all of whom have left the band since it was formed way back at the turn of the millennium—are in negotiations to reform, and put out an album. This bit of rumormongering comes in the wake of the announcement that the forthcoming album by the current incarnation of the band, the American-audience-tilted Sweet 7, has been pushed back to next February amidst internal strife of the legal and medical sorts. And of course it raises the question of what the new/old version of the group would even call itself at this point. (Sugababes UK? The London Sugababes?) But the best aspect of this rumor is this little nugget… More »

Mutya Buena Adds To The Post-Sugababes Shakeup Press Overload

300x245_sugababesThe news of founding member Keisha Buchanan leaving the UK pop trio the Sugababes, and being replaced by Eurovision contender Jade Ewen, continued today as the BBC tracked down former member (and Big Brother alum Mutya Buena for her thoughts on the shakeup. Perhaps unsurprisingly, she is calling shenanigans! “Obviously, Keisha being the original that was left out of the band, her leaving doesn’t make it Sugababes. I’m not trying to put my foot into it, but I wouldn’t be surprised [if she had been forced out] in any way just because people were trying to say she was the bully [before the news of Buchanan’s leaving broke].” And she even went the “dis the new iteration of the group by complimenting the replacement” route, saying: “She would be a lot better as a soloist, because she’s got an amazing voice. It would kind of seem like she’d be the frontline, and there’d be two backing singers.” Oh, Heidi Range. Are you gonna take that??? The full interview after the jump. More »

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