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Ne-Yo Debuts “Money Can’t Buy” Video: Watch

Ne-Yo peruses convenience store aisles and stops by a kid’s birthday party in his new “Money Can’t Buy” video, released August 1.

He hangs out outside the historic Capitol Records building in Los Angeles, then runs off to a secluded beach when it’s pitch black outside. The whole point of his new video, though, is to see that he’s not alone. For one, featured emcee Jeezy pops up. More importantly though, whether cruising through the West Coast in a Rolls Royce or doing a whole lot of nothing, Ne-Yo’s eying his companion (model Crystal Williams) – and she doesn’t seem to mind. More »

Celine Dion And Ne-Yo Unveil Their “Incredible” Music Video: Watch

Celine Dion and Ne-Yo took us behind the scenes of their “Incredible” video way back in January and then seemingly washed their hands of the project until today (June 4). I’m still not sure what cause the six month delay but time hasn’t wearied the greatness of the ballad, and the visual is also perfectly enjoyable — in a corny kind of way.

The duo spend most of the video perched on the roof of a building in downtown Los Angeles. This gives the Canadian diva ample opportunity to power grab for her life and make iconic faces, while her duet partner looks on sheepishly. That scene is intercut with footage of real-life heroes and a giraffe taking a leisurely stroll. “Incredible” is the highlight of Celine’s underrated Loved Me Back To Life LP and deserves more attention from pop fans. Watch the pair in action after the jump. More »

Ne-Yo Premieres “Money Can’t Buy” Featuring Young Jeezy: Listen

Ne-Yo has spent the past few years writing dutifully for divas like Celine Dion and Rihanna. Around this time last year, he was even speaking on behalf of Beyonce regarding her self-titled album. But he returns to the spotlight today (May 27) on his own, with a song recalling his earliest days as a prolific R&B singer.

“Money Can’t Buy” isn’t the Euro-flavored dance-pop that boosted Ne-Yo’s chart success and dominated R&B (along with singers like Jay Sean, Jason Derulo and Chris Brown) for about one year too long. Instead, the song — which features Young Jeezy — is the sort of sophisticated, feel-good midtempo R&B that Ne-Yo was boasting nearly a decade prior with his 2006 debut, In My Own Words.

This is all fine and good – after all, the Michael Jackson-Justin Timberlake collab “Love Never Felt So Good” is precisely that strain of R&B. (The song’s sentiments are sweet, too — it’s hard to deny that.) With earlier songs in mind, “Money Can’t Buy” has its moments — that melody in the bridge, a lyric here or there — but isn’t as memorable as a Ne-Yo song can be.

Judge for yourself by listening to “Money Can’t Buy” and weighing in within the comments below. More »

Dionne Warwick Calls On Ne-Yo For A Remake Of “A House Is Not A Home”: Listen

Dionne Warwick has called on the services of Ne-Yo for her 38th studio album Feels So Good (due July 1). Together they remake the diva’s 1964 classic “A House Is Not A Home”, transforming the Burt Bacharach/Hal David-penned ballad into a soulful R&B slow jam. It takes a couple of listens to get your head around but their daring overhaul eventually clicks.

Fingers crossed you like the update because 13 more classic Dionne hits have received the same treatment (albeit with other artists) on the album. Ne-Yo certainly knows his way around a high-profile duet and he shows “A House Is Not A Home” the respect it deserves with a classy arrangement. Listen to the unlikely but ultimately rewarding collaboration after the jump. More »

Celine Dion And Ne-Yo Take Us Behind The Scenes Of Their “Incredible” Video: Watch

Let's Make Them Remember
Celine Dion‘s latest LP Loved Me Back To Life kind of fell through the cracks when it was released late last year. Which is a shame, because it is the 45-year-old’s most adventurous and satisfying album since 20o2′s A New Day Has Come. If anything can get the Canadian diva’s campaign back on track, it’s Ne-Yo duet “Incredible”.

This song really lives up to its name. “Incredible” is easily the most radio-friendly and current sound on Loved Me Back To Life without sounding forced or desperate. Mid-tempo ballads don’t come much better and it was nice to see the unlikely duo plugging the song on Good Morning America today (January 30). Get a sneak peek of the video up top. More »

‘The Voice’ Finale: Lady Gaga And Christina Aguilera Perform Together, Tessanne Chin Wins Season 5

Hell Hath Frozen Over...
Lady Gaga! Celine Dion! Christina Aguilera! Ne-Yo! OneRepublic! The Voice Final 3! The other 17 contestants from this season that have already been forgotten! There is no marquis big enough to fit the superstar names that performed on Tuesday nights’ finale of The Voice, especially when the slightly-less superstar names of the Top 20 who also performed are added.

All of the coaches come dolled up for the occasion, and whereas Adam Levine and Blake Shelton went safe with suits, Cee Lo goes with a sparkly pinstripe outfit he describes as “disco balls.” Christina Aguilera is also dressed like a slightly more svelte disco ball…or shall we say a disco stick? Perhaps a subliminal nod to Lady Gaga.

Between some incredible duets, requisite “Bring Back” performances and the grand debut of the first ever original single from The Voice, there was a lot happening on Tuesday night beyond a simple results announcement. Here are the highlights. More »

Celine Dion And Ne-Yo Get Romantic On “Incredible” Ballad: Listen

Celine Dion is a what you might call a duet specialist. From Peabo Bryson-assisted “Beauty And The Beast” to surprise R. Kelly collab “I’m Your Angel”, the Canadian superstar always gets it right. And her latest musical adventure with Ne-Yo is no exception. “Incredible” lives up to its title — giving the 45-year-old diva her most radio-friendly track in years but still appealing to the ballad-loving Dion faithful.

Produced by Andrew Goldstein and Emanuel Kiriakou, “Incredible” is an unusually soft and nuanced mid-tempo R&B tune. Built around a simple piano hook, the soaring song does a good job of keeping Celine’s powerful pipes under control until she pulls the trigger in the chorus. Meanwhile Ne-Yo’s soulful crooning is the perfect counterbalance to her vocal acrobatics. Listen to the ballad you will hear at weddings for the next decade after the jump. More »

Celine Dion’s “Incredible”: Watch A Behind-The-Scenes Clip Of Her Duet With Ne-Yo

Sounds -- Well, You Know
Celine Dion recorded just two duets for her new album Loved Me Back to Life. In a behind-the-scenes clip released today (October 26), she previews one that features writing and vocals by R&B star Ne-Yo. And throughout, neither the singers nor producer Eman can stop repeating the title — “Incredible” — to describe the end results.

At the start, Dion asks Ne-Yo for pointers, particularly on pronunciation. “‘Let’s give them something amazing,’” she sings to him, quoting a lyric. “You don’t say ‘something.’”

“Yeah, it’s ‘summin’,’” Ne-Yo says. “It’s not even something I do on purpose. My lips are so big that they get in the way.” (Celine, charming as always: “Well, sometimes we wish to have lips like yours, so it’s okay.”)  More »

Ne-Yo Performs “Closer” & “Don’t Make Em Like You” On ‘Good Morning America’: Watch

Watch Video
Ne-Yo is still celebrating the release of his fifth album R.E.D., and the R&B star stopped by Good Morning America this morning (August 2). He brought his smooth dance moves and soulful voice to the stage, where he performed radio classics like “Closer” and “Miss Independent,” as well as a new single from his current album, “Don’t Make Em Like You.”

Watch Ne-Yo perform “Closer” up top and view the rest of performances below, as well as a brief interview with the singer where he describes the album process as “a journey. ” More »

Lady Gaga Co-Wrote One Of Four New TLC Tracks On Group’s Forthcoming Greatest Hits Collection

With TLC‘s VH1 biopic airing October 21, surviving members T-Boz and Chilli have begun the buzz campaign in earnest. Earlier today (July 25), the first trailer for the movie premiered, and now the group has unloaded a bunch of details regarding that long-awaited album. The as-yet-untitled LP will drop ahead of the film, on October 15, and while we were hoping for a whole album of new material, this is the next best thing: it’s a greatest hits compilation with four new tracks, one of which was co-written by Lady Gaga.

Mother Monster helped pen a song called “Posh Life,” along with longtime TLC collaborator Dallas Austin. Another of the new tracks, “Meant To Be,” was written by Ne-Yo and will play during the end credits of CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. T-Boz and Chilli also got Lil Mama (who plays Left Eye in the film) to join them on the new material, and she’ll take the stage with TLC during their upcoming Mixtape Festival reunion show.

Both T-Boz and Chilli released statements explaining their decision to bring Lil Mama into the fold. More »