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Pop On The Pole: Frank Ocean’s ‘Pyramids’ Joins Long Tradition Of Songs About Stripping

Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange is blowing our minds, and we’re still trying to piece our brains back together three days after its surprise midnight release. But the one thing we know immediately is that “Pyramids” is a song for the ages. Over the course of 10 minutes Ocean crafts an epic dreamscape of love and power that morphs into a hazy tale about a stripper. That got us thinking — there are A LOT of pop songs about stripping! Not surprisingly, they’re usually celebrating the profession. Surprisingly, they’re often big hits on the charts. So that means we’re not alone in loving these 11 songs about strip clubs and the women dancing in them. More »

Jennifer Hudson, Kanye West, And N.E.R.D. Hit The Essence Music Festival

The Essence Music Festival took over this 4th of July holiday weekend at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, treating fans to performances by a number of American Idol vets as well as R&B/hip hop heavies like Kanye West, Mary J. Blige, and Usher. Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia shared the main stage Friday, and for her cover of the Michael Jackson tribute “I’ll Be There,” J-Hud brought out another former Idol contestant — her current backup singer, George Huff. Meanwhile, at one point on Saturday, the outspoken Kanye West elected to have his DJ play some classic hits and dance along to his faves for several minutes (only Yeezy could away with this), while N.E.R.D. hit the House of Blues. See it all below.

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Pharrell And Jessica Biel Star In Revlon Ad Directed By Darren Aronofsky

Pharrell Williams and Jessica Biel share a moment in the black-and-white commercial for Revlon’s Grow Luscious Plumping Mascara, which features the N.E.R.D. frontman and yacht enthusiast anxiously headed down the hallway to Biel’s boudoir. The clip was shot by Oscar-nominated director Darren Aronofsky, and it could seriously use a twist where Jessica has a nervous breakdown, turns into swan, and stabs herself in the abdomen with her mascara brush. Watch below. More »

Pharrell’s Studio Yacht Looks Hot N’ Fun (PHOTOS)

Pharrell Williams is one tough pop star/producer. You think it’s easy shooting hot, fun music videos and dreaming up new tunes with beautiful, innovative talents like like Sara Bareilles and Oh Land? It’s not, we can assure you. That’s why we’re happy to hear that Pharrell occasionally finds time to get away. No, not to his $14 million Miami home/Family Guy temple. We mean he really gets away, to a massive yacht where (workaholic that he is) Pharrell can craft hits while riding the waves. Check out these photos from his BBC Ice Cream blog, and imagine how his haters must be agog over the never-ending revenge of the N.E.R.D. [Via 2DopeBoyz]

N.E.R.D. Musically Dish Out Some Advice On The ‘Tonight Show’

N.E.R.D. hit up the Tonight Show With Jay Leno and performed their soulful, heartening Nothing track “God Bless Us All”. True, we would have preferred to hear the trio’s spacey, mesmerizing single “Hypnotize U” instead, but after that one’s video premiere last week maybe Pharrell & Co. are of the mindset that a little Daft Punk goes a long way. Watch the group take over Leno’s stage after the jump.
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N.E.R.D. Want To “Hypnotize U” (And Lots Of Beautiful Ladies) With Their New Vid

The sexy stone-faced ladies from N.E.R.D.’s Letterman performance of “Hypnotize U”  (the same appearance in which they premiered this Daft Punk-produced single) star in the group’s new video, following Pharrell Williams’ every move throughout his enormous mansion. Fall under N.E.R.D.’s spell by watching the clip below.
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Watch N.E.R.D.’s Exclusive Web-Only Show Tonight!

Prepare to be hypnotized by the coolest band around – N.E.R.D. is doing a free, Web-only live show for Sprite’s Fresh Sound Studio Performance series. But the only way you can catch the “Hot N’ Fun” group in action is with an access code. Never fear! Get all the details by texting “NERD” to Sprite (777483) or by visiting Buzznet. The band takes the stage at 6pm PST / 9pm EST this evening, so head on over to the event’s Facebook page and let everyone know you’ll be joining all the other “Party People” for this fresh web show.

N.E.R.D. And T.I. Get The Party Started On “Party People”

N.E.R.D. teams up with other abbreviated act T.I. for the funky party song “Party People”, the opening track off the group’s Nothing. Partying is probably the last thing T.I. will be doing for quite some time, but that shouldn’t stop you from rocking out to this infectious fast-paced jam. Party people, peep the track below!

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N.E.R.D. Slow Things Down With Political “Help Me” Video

N.E.R.D.’s hauntingly sexy single “Hypnotize U” surprised us all with its production by French robo-duo Daft Punk. And in the wake of such an intriguig tune, the arrival of the Pharrell Williams-fronted trio’s plodding new song “Help Me” and its accompanying video—assembled from politically-minded historical imagery and live footage of the band—seems a bit ho-hum. Not that we’re opposed to a little social consciousness, mind you. Maybe it’s just because it’s Friday and we want to dance? Watch below.
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N.E.R.D.’s “Nothing On You” Nothing Like B.o.B’s Song

It’s a bit curious why N.E.R.D. is releasing a track called “Nothing On You” the same year B.o.B and Bruno Mars’ “Nothin’ On You” was a giant hit. Isn’t that a bit like dropping a song called “Umbrellas” just a few months after Rihanna’s “Umbrella” dominated the charts in 2007? We’ll just assume it’s a shout-out to Bobby Ray, or at least a nod to the fact that their new album is called Nothing. Jump below to give the tune a listen.

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