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medium_nin1med-180x120The AV Club’s interview with Trent Reznor is a good read, but I of course liked what he had to say about the brave new digital-music world: “The thing that I learned from Radiohead is, I don’t want to ask you what you think it’s worth. ‘Hey, I just worked a year on this thing.’ ‘Well, that’s worth 10 cents.’ ‘Hey, fuck you!’ The Saul [Williams] thing was a lesson. I naively thought at that time that if you gave the public the choice of do the right thing or not, I thought people would actually do it. Five bucks for an album? And I found that most people, no, they really don’t want to do that. I think I laughed about that and got shit-canned by everybody for whining about wanting to get paid for work that I did. The steps we’ve taken since then, I think, have gotten closer to something that approaches a business model. It doesn’t work for bands that nobody knows yet. These are things I’m thinking about.” Much more at the link. [AV Club] More »

Trent Reznor May Be Gone From Twitter, But The Impersonators Are Ready To Snatch Up His Followers

robo1_biggerNine Inch Nails’ main man Trent Reznor quit the microblogging service Twitter and deleted his account two weeks ago, but already people have rushed in to fill his void—including “Ternt Reznor,” who proclaims that “A one line bio could not possibly contain the greatness that is me” and is not afraid to impersonate Arthur Fonzarelli in 140 characters or less. Who knows, this superegomanaical version of Reznor could actually be the man himself having a laugh at his own expense! Weirder things have happened on the Internet for sure. [Twitter via Courtney Love, who may or may not think that “Ternt” = “Trent”] More »

robo1_biggerNine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor’s love/hate/WTF relationship with Twitter took another twist over the weekend, when he quit the microblogging service again. Although this time the likelihood of him making a semi-triumphant return is a bit lessened by the fact that he actually completely deleted his account this time around. (Oh, I bet he’s lurking under the protective cover of a pseudonymous account somewhere, though. Quitting the Internet ain’t that easy, trust me.) [Twitter] More »

Trent Reznor Hasn’t Sworn Off The Road Just Yet

medium_nin1medRemember when Trent Reznor said he would be taking a hiatus after this summer of tour dates? Well, he’s decided to extend that hiatus just a little bit, with series of shows in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles. Because he can! (And he can call people names on the Internet, too!) More »

robo1_biggerBREAKING: Even celebrities can un-quit the Internet. [Twitter] More »

medium_nin1med“Nine Inch Nails just invited Dillinger Escape Plan onstage to play ‘Wish,'” my former partner in powerblogging Christopher R. Weingarten texted me from Trent Reznor’s maybe-quitting-the-Internet-because-of-you farewell show at Bonnaroo late Saturday night. “Check YouTube every 30 seconds!” Alas, searches for said performance on the video-sharing have turned up dry for me so far–but all is not lost, since they engaged in this little bit of collaboration in March 2008, too. [Google Blog Search] More »

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