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Omarion Teases “Post To Be” Collaboration With Jhene Aiko & Chris Brown: Listen

Omarion plans to make a musical comeback with his new single, “Post To Be,” which he has previewed for fans on his Instagram. The singer (and current Love & Hip-Hop reality star) teamed up with R&B newcomer Jhene Aiko and Chris Brown for the bumping track, produced by DJ Mustard.

The tune, which plans to drop next week, will be the first taste from Omarion’s upcoming fourth studio LP — Sex Playlist. Listen to “Post To Be” after the jump, and look out for the singer’s album in 2015. More »

Rick Ross ‘God Forgives, I Don’t’ Tracklist: Jay-Z, Andre 3000, Drake, Dr. Dre & More

Def Jam Records confirmed the official tracklist for Rick Ross‘s God Forgives, I Don’t via Twitter Monday morning (July 9). His fifth studio album (not counting his two Self Made Maybach Music Group releases), is host to several high-profile guests, including Jay-Z and Dre. Dre on the latest musical throne “3 Kings”, Drake and Wale on “Diced Pineapples”, Omarion on “Ice Cold”, and Usher on the already released single “Touch ‘N You”. Ne-Yo and André 3000 also stop by on the July 31 release.

Get the full tracklist for God Forgives, I Don’t, plus stream his single “Hold Me Back” and watch the cameo-laden video for “So Sophisticated”, below. More »

Rick Ross, The-Dream, Omarion & French Montana Electrify L.A. at uncapped presented by vitaminwater and FADER

There was no questioning who’s the boss — make that bawse — at the Hollywood American Legion in Los Angeles Thursday night (June 7). Rick Ross a/k/a Teflon Don a/k/a Ricky Rozay headlined the inaugural show of the new concert series uncapped presented by vitaminwater and FADER. (And lucky for you, we’ve partnered with vitaminwater and FADER to deliver exclusive coverage of the event!) Dripping in diamonds, the Maybach Music Group emcee dominated the stage — even when he was sharing it with super surprise guests Omarion and French Montana. More »

Today In Photos: Desert Leotards, Urban Buddhas And Pregnant Pauses

While the rest of us were busy trying to find every permutation of “Pants On The Ground”, the music world went on without us. Take a spin through Today In Photos to see which pop star was in the desert, who sought inner peace on 106 & Park, and who’s spreading rumors on the red carpet.

Omarion Takes The Top Down In His Angsty ‘Speedin’ Video

Here it is a week later, and Omarion’s site still has that jumbled and highly unflattering article about the singer up in the news section. Ah, well, with the onetime B2K member’s new album Ollusion out tomorrow (Amazon’s MP3 store appears to be the place to grab it, penny-pinchers!), it makes perfect sense that Omarion’s new music video for “Speedin” should crop up today. More »

Omarion Is ‘Speedin’ On His New Single, But Did Someone Carjack His Site?

Onetime B2K singer (and former brief member of the Young Money roster) Omarion will see his new album Ollusion released on January 12. And as he tweeted yesterday, it will be on available at Amazon’s MP3 store with a 24-hour sale price of $3.99.

That said, Omarion might want to spend less time on Twitter and more time on his own site, which appears to have been hacked some time ago. At least let’s hope so, because if the following post in the News section was intentional, the R&B singer’s camp has some quirky notions about how to promote him. More »

Omarion Still Accepting Your Prayers As He Denies Rumors Of Being Dropped

Last night, R & B singer Omarion took to Twitter in order to refute the rumors that he’d been dropped by Young Money for leaking his own song, saying that instead that he’d asked to be released from his deal amidst a string of dropped consonants:

“How kan I fall or get dropped when lam “gravity”…and jah is by my side being tha force that’s driving and parachuting my arriving plateau… What up tweep’s good day.There’s alot of people thinking i got dropped from Y.m that has never nor will ever b the kase I asked to b…realeased,I didnt get dropped.I wish wayne and all of Y.m good luck for there future. There r no hard feelings,business is business and I..made a decision that I felt was best for me..ALBUM OLLUSION still koming video still koming really soon luv yall thanx for holdin me down!”

I wonder if he left because the Young Money types told him that title was horrible. Seriously, Ollusion? I know the whole “o” thing is part of his branding, but dude really needs to buy another vowel.

Earlier: A New Reason To Pray For Omarion: He’s Been Dropped From His Label

A New Reason To Pray For Omarion: He’s Been Dropped From His Label

R & B singer Omarion has been dropped from the roster of Lil Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment, which is currently the home to Drake and Bow Wow, according to SOHH. “May God be with him and his future endeavors,” read Young Money president Mack Maine’s official statement, which oddly echoed the “pray for Omarion” press release that somebody released when the singer happened to be in London at the same time as some terrorist attacks in 2005. (Coincidence? Hmm.) The rumor is that the former B2K member got the boot for leaking a collaboration between him and Lil Wayne. Could the song in question be “I Get It In,” which mysteriously surfaced online earlier this week? Clip after the jump.

So, in sum, Omarion’s time on Young Money: About two and a half months. I bet you that he thought he was doing the right thing by “creating buzz” about his new song, too.

SOHH EXCLUSIVE: Mack Maine Confirms Omarion’s Departure From Young Money [SOHH]
Omarion feat. Lil Wayne – I Get It In [YouTube]
Fans Pray for Omarion After London Bombing [PR Newswire]

Pretty Ricky: Ready To Take The “Humping The Air” Crown Back From Any And All Pretenders To The Throne

Did you know that there is such a thing as an “air sex” competition, in which one’s ability to hump around with imaginary objects is graded for the purpose of winning notoriety and not much else? It’s true! There are even going to be some World Series Of Fake Love in Canada next month. Judging by the clip after the jump, however, the news that there is a competitive League Of Grinding Against Nothing In Particular has not yet reached the members of overly horny R & B boy band Pretty Ricky, even though their whole aesthetic is tailor made for chucking any pretense of a music career and devoting all their time to entering contests like the Air Sex competitions. At least, that has to be why Pretty Ricky member Spectacular “Sexy Spec” Smith has thrust he is calling a grinding challenge in the direction of his contemporaries, who include Chris Brown, Bow Wow, the members of Day 26, and whoever else is more famous than his band these days. And by “thrust,” I mean “wiggle his pelvis around in ways that are probably not safe for work in 99.9% of cases while his band’s not-very-good new single about, sigh, being drunk in a club blares in the background.” Clip after the jump, if you dare!

Personally, I am waiting for Peer Pressure to respond:

SEXY SPEC from PRETTY RICKY Gets “TIPSY” to the new Single!! [YouTube; HT ONTD]

The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Takes A Bite Out Of Bow Wow And Omarion

hellisotherfaces.jpgMuch like Spank Rock and Benny Blanco’s greasy hindquarters, many of you think that Hell Rell’s For The Hell Of It happens to be one of the best album covers of 2007. (I happen to agree with you on this one.) Surely this means that the two faces of R&B/hip-hop evil will win this round in a walk? Or will the bullet-mouthed Diplomat have enough ammo to take out Bow Wow and Omarion?

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