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Bangers, Ballads & Bops: The 100 Best Singles Of 2018

Pop done right. More »

The Drop: Your Guide To New Music Friday Featuring Lykke Li & Mazzy Star

Your cheat sheet to the week’s new releases. More »

Will “Vinyl Saturday” Drag People Back To The Record Stores?

portable-fisher-priceThe people behind the one-day indie-music-retail blowout Record Store Day are hoping so; they’ve declared the third Saturday of every month Vinyl Saturday, on which limited-edition vinyl releases will be available at participating indie shops. The first installment is Saturday, June 20, and there will be four special releases on shelves that day: More »

Scarlett Johansson Still Trying That Whole “Being A Singer” Thing

breakupScarlett Johansson’s three-year-old collaboration with Pete Yorn, Break Up, is being released on Sept. 9. Judging by the song streaming from the album’s official site, ScarJo’s voice has been heavily manipulated into something that can actually convey emotion–I’m going to guess that is thanks to Yorn’s tinkering with levels. (Perhaps that explains the delay between recording and release in part?) Also, the song seems a little bit more She & Him than Gainsbourg et Bardot to these ears, mainly because it’s so damn peppy. [Official site / Billboard] More »

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