Robert Downey Jr.

Ghostface’s Deleted “Iron Man” Scene Makes Me Want To Go Back To The Movies

Not only is it nice that Ghost’s long-blogged-about-cameo in Iron Man has finally made its way to the Internet, it’s also refreshing to lay eyes on Robert Downey Jr.’s performance in this summer’s first big blockbuster for a second time. More »

Doug Morris Prepares To Get Stepped On By Hollywood Tourists

dontworrydougifyourpicturesontheinternetitdoesntstealyoursoul.jpgBeing immortalized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame has to be one of the strangest honors in the entertainment industry. A shadowy committee meets once a year to select honorees, who apparently have to promise that they’ll show up to the ceremony with something to promote and cough up $25,000 for the “privilege.” In other words, It’s like a Grammy, but they give out fewer of them. However, this year, the committee clearly got it right, as Universal Music Group head honcho Doug Morris will be recieving a star, joining a roster of luminaries that includes Paula Abdul, Judge Judy, and Stepin Fetchit. Congrats, Dougie!

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Terrence Howard, Actor/Baby Wipe Nut, To Release Album This Fall

Academy Award nominee Terrence Howard will join Iron Man co-star Robert Downey Jr. on Sony’s roster of actors who seem to think they can release an album of melodramatic ballads without suffering mockery at the hands of everyone except maybe the audience on Ellen this September, when his debut “urban country” album, Shine Through It, is released. Judging by Howard’s creepy, arguably misogynist public comments, I wouldn’t even be sure he’ll be safe there.

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