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Ariana Grande’s “Problem” Was Almost A Collab With Ying Yang Twins

Ariana Grande‘s “Problem” started as a mere whisper. “I don’t remember where I came up with it,” Savan Kotetcha, the song’s co-writer, said to Rolling Stone. “Maybe in an airplane bathroom. On my phone I have an audio note where I whisper, ‘One less problem.’” Thanks to that audio note, “Problem” was almost a collaboration with Ying Yang Twins.

Kotecha, also Max Martin‘s protege and a lead producer for Grande’s next album, says that the song’s working title was “The Whisper Song,” as inspired by the Atlanta crunk duo’s 2005 hit “Wait (The Whisper Song).” Grande’s manager Scooter Braun then decided to get the Ying Yang Twins into the studio. “Scooter was obsessed with bringing in the Ying Yang Twins,” says Wendy Goldstein, Grande’s A&R rep at Republic Records. “We had them try, but they just flopped it. They couldn’t get it together.” More »

Britney Spears Shamelessly Announces “I Wanna Go” As Her Next Single

It’s about to get more difficult to keep both hands above the blanket when the light’s out, folks. Britney Spears must have seen our poll asking Idolator readers which Femme Fatale track should be her next single, because the sleepy starlet has wisely chosen to heed our advice. Team Britney has confirmed that “I Wanna Go” will indeed be released next, with the video set to shoot later this month. So while Brit-Brit preps her her summer tour with Nicki Minaj, we’ll all be rocking out to one of the formerly-wedded pop diva’s best songs ever. Shame on us. Read more below.
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Hear The ‘Glee’ Cast “Light Up The World” In Original Season Finale Song

The season finale of Glee is bound to bring up mixed emotions: on the one hand, it’s sure to be awesome. On the other, no more new Glee until fall! (Well, besides a North American tour and 3-D movie, that is.) Of course, the Rebecca Black-loving high school musical is primed to go out with a bang as greedy Gleek Ryan Seacrest has unveiled the tune New Directions will use to bring down the house at Nationals in the May 24 finale — and as promised, it’s another original song, co-written by the award-winning Max Martin. Head below to hear the cast “Light Up The World” — and, as a bonus, do Adele again with “Rolling In The Deep” from tonight’s episode.

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Another Original Tune For ‘Glee’ Season Finale, Says “Loser Like Me” Songwriter

It seems that Glee‘s use of original songs wasn’t just a onetime thing for its March episode, uh, “Original Song.” Savan Kotecha, who co-wrote the Max Martin-produced “Loser Like Me” (a #6 Billboard Hot 100 hit) for said March episode, noted in a recent interview that there’s more new material to come in the show’s Season 2 finale.
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