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Mutya Keisha Siobhan Talk Second Single & Channeling ‘One Touch’

Sugababes’ Original Lineup Hit The Studio Together

Are The Original Sugababes Going To Reform—And Put Out Solo Records? (Please Say Yes, Especially To That Last Bit)

sugababesogA UK gossip site is reporting that the three original members of the girl group Sugababes—Keisha Buchanan, Mutya Buena, and the completely brilliant Siobhán Donaghy, all of whom have left the band since it was formed way back at the turn of the millennium—are in negotiations to reform, and put out an album. This bit of rumormongering comes in the wake of the announcement that the forthcoming album by the current incarnation of the band, the American-audience-tilted Sweet 7, has been pushed back to next February amidst internal strife of the legal and medical sorts. And of course it raises the question of what the new/old version of the group would even call itself at this point. (Sugababes UK? The London Sugababes?) But the best aspect of this rumor is this little nugget… More »

Who Cares About The Sugababes Split Rumors When There Might Be A New Siobhan Donaghy Record To Look Forward To?

sugababesblahSo there is a rumor that Amelle Berrabah has left pop trio the Sugababes just as they were on the cusp of breaking in the States, and that her replacement would be Jade Ewen, who sang this year’s UK entry in the Eurovision contest. So far just one British magazine is reporting it—as something that’s off-the-record and only “confirmed” via lack of denials—but there is some actual real news to come out of all this: More »

In Case You Needed Something To Do With Your Money Today

Lots of Idolator favorites are on sale right now… More »

Siobhan Donaghy Sounds A Wake-Up Call

Today I found myself wondering what former… More »

Siobhan Donaghy Is Looking For A New Home

siobhannnn.jpgHere is what happens when you make my No. 1 album of a calendar year, apparently: Your label drops you “due to lack of commercial success.” At least, that’s what’s happened to former Sugababe Siobhan Donaghy, according a post on the Popjustice boards. Sure, it’s unsurprising, given that Ghosts was fairly avant-garde as far as pop albums go and EMI, which owns Donaghy’s label Parlophone, is tightening its belt under new steward Guy Hands. But that explanation is kind of a load of crap, particularly because one could argue that said low sales were, at least in part, due to numerous botch jobs on behalf of her label. You may remember the tales of how it delayed the release of Ghosts until long after it was leaked and shipped “old jazz records from the ’70s” in its stead when it finally came out. On the bright side, a few independent labels are apparently keen to snap her up, and not only will they probably embrace her off-kilter aesthetic, they’ll probably be well-run enough to actually check shipments before they go out. Full announcement after the jump.

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Hey Look, It’s A New Old Siobhan Donaghy Song

News on the Siobhan Donaghy front has been disturbingly slow lately, so I’d like to thank the YouTube user who took some time last month to post some bonus tracks from versions of my No. 1 album of 2007, Ghosts, that I hadn’t yet tracked down. More »

Happy Birthday, Siobhan Donaghy

Tomorrow marks Siobhan Donaghy’s 24th birthday, and since it’s been a weird news day thanks to the R. Kelly verdict and Tim Russert’s death (not to mention our server problems), let’s just watch some videos from her excellent 2007 album Ghosts, including (above) “Don’t Give It Up.”

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No. 6: Siobhan Donaghy Shows Off Her Scars

siobhannnn.jpgAnd in the No. 6 song, she wants you to heal along with her.

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