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6 Albums That Got Us Through The Polar Vortex In 2014, From Beyonce To Katy B To Kylie Minogue

Baby, It Was Cold Outside
We have literally lived through one of the most epically sucktastic winters in recorded history, between the heavy snowfall, rivers of slush, piles of ice and, um, rain (boo hoo, Los Angeles). Over the past three freezing months, America turned to several things for salvation to escape the chill: The convenience of ordering takeout food; the aptly-titled, Oscar-winning animated feature Frozen; True Detective; and, of course, music.

Unfortunately, 2014 has offered pretty slim pickings as far as big releases. But that doesn’t mean there wasn’t new music to be had. In fact, six albums in particular jumped out as early-in-the-year favorites, all of them released between the months of December and March. Below, sift through the six LPs we’ve been using like a heating blanket to warm our super-frosty souls. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s “Runaway Daydreamer” Video Finds The Singer Looking More Beautiful Than Ever

sophie ellis bextor runaway daydreamer video
Stunning Sophie
It’s been a true pleasure seeing Sophie Ellis-Bextor have another hit album in the UK with Wanderlust, as previous efforts like Make A Scene and Trip The Light Fantastic were woefully overlooked by the music-buying public at large. And the charming, string-laden “Runaway Daydreamer” makes for an excellent choice for follow-up single to slow ballad “Young Blood.”

The “Runaway Daydreamer” video, however, doesn’t offer much more than what we already saw in the Wanderlust trailer clip last fall. In fact, some of the camera work, particularly during the final minute, seems a bit jarring and amateurish — though whether that’s on purpose or not is anyone’s guess. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s Next ‘Wanderlust’ Single Will Be “Runaway Daydreamer”

Wanderlust, the stripped-down, more organic and less dance-pop new album from Sophie Ellis-Bextor, turned out to be the first surprise hit of 2014 in the UK when it was released last month. It’s a record that, personally speaking, may seem a bit left field, given Sophie’s previous output, but somehow just clicks by about the third listen.

Lead single “Young Blood” is now set to be followed up by the string-laden, slightly “Stand By Me”-esque “Runaway Daydreamer.” Like the rest of the album, the track was produced by Ed Harcourt, and it has an official release date of March 31. Give the song a spin below. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Keeps It Simple And Sophisticated In Her “Young Blood” Video: Watch

Sophie Slays. As Usual.
Sophie Ellis-Bextor keeps it simple in her “Young Blood” video. The ever-sophisticated songbird spends most of the clip wandering around an abandoned pier in terrible weather. It’s extremely British but so is the 34-year-old, whose poshly accented voice is basically a national treasure.

Directed by long-time collaborator Sophie Muller, the rest of the visual finds Sophie sitting in her lounge room looking gorgeous. There’s not a lot going on but the meandering scenes suit the melancholy tune perfectly. “Young Blood” is the lead single from the veteran’s fifth studio album Wanderlust. It drops January 20. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Unveils Dreamy New Single “Young Blood”: Listen

English songstress Sophie Ellis-Bextor has moonwalked out of the nightclub and into a swanky piano lounge with her upcoming LP Wanderlust, which sees her abandoning the dance-pop sound of her first four albums in lieu of a sound that’s classic, simple and elegant. (With most artists, that’s code for “boring,” but Ellis-Bextor just has one of those magical voices that’s impossible to dismiss.)

Her album trailer featured snippets of several upcoming songs, including lead single “Young Blood,” which she previewed in demo form last month. Now she’s unveiled the song in full, and it’s just as gorgeous as the demo promised: a sweet, timeless piano ballad with strings and gorgeous choral harmonies on the bridge. The tremble in her voice on the chorus is chill-inducing, and the melody is gently infectious. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor’s ‘Wanderlust’ Trailer: Preview Tracks Off Her Upcoming Album

sophie ellis bextor wanderlust album trailer
Sophie's New Sound
For her fifth album, it’s clear now that Sophie Ellis-Bextor has shed her dance-pop skin and opted for a richer, more classic pop sound. Gone are producers like Richard X, Greg Kurstin and Xenomania, who the 34-year-old British songstress worked with on her two most recent albums — though she seems to have made a connection with Ed Harcourt, who co-wrote and co-produced the 2011 Make A Scene track “Cut Straight To The Heart” and contributes songwriting, producing and arranging duties on Sophie’s upcoming Wanderlust (out January 20).

Piano-filled, string-laden cuts like “Young Blood” (the album’s first single), “Until The Stars Collide,” “Wrong Side Of The Sun” and “Runaway Daydreamer” sound at once haunting, retro, 007-esque and, most importantly, like the style of material Ellis-Bextor’s voice was tailor-made for. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Preps 5th Studio Album, Reveals ‘Wanderlust’ Cover And Tracklist

A new Sophie Ellis-Bextor album is almost upon us, which is always cause for celebration. The porcelain-faced diva said she’s taking things in a new direction this time around and that is reflected by the cover. Gone are the glitter and sequins. Instead, the Brit appears to be sitting in the kitchen wearing my grandmother’s best tablecloth. Impressively, she still looks utterly gorgeous. Well played.

The LP is scheduled to drop on January 20, with the lead single expected to drop as soon as November. The tracklist has also surfaced and fans will be pleased to know that buzz track “Young Blood” made the cut. If that collaboration with singer-songwriter Ed Harcourt is any indication, Wanderlust could be Sophie’s best album yet. Check out the full tracklist after the jump. More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Sounds “Beautiful” In New Mathieu Bothieu Track

Sophie Ellis-Bextor may have once committed “Murder on the Dance Floor,” but laying her distinct voice over a dance track is anything but a crime. French DJ Mathieu Bothieu is the latest to utilize Sophie’s vocals for his new track “Beautiful,” which aptly describe both the sound and look of the Brit chanteuse. Over the club-friendly beat, Sophie sings: “I need to feel the heat, become the better version of me.” A better version of Sophie? We beg to differ that such a thing is possible, but hear a clip below. More »

PopJustice’s Best Songs And Albums Of 2011

Our pop peers over at UK music site PopJustice unveiled their picks for the Top 33 Albums and the Top 45 Singles of 2011, and their lists offer both the familiar and the fresh — Lady Gaga’s Born This Way topped their album picks, while Martin Solveig’s collaboration with Dragonette on “Hello” was their favorite tune from 2011. Their taste is heavy on dance tracks and larger than life melodies, so if your heart beats pure pop, you’ll be pleased with these picks, especially if you crave some tunes yet undiscovered here in The States. Top 10 for both lists below.  More »

Sophie Ellis-Bextor Wants To “F*** With You” In New Bob Sinclar Track

While we’ve always known Sophie Ellis-Bextor was no goody two-shoes (she did commit “Murder On The Dance Floor,” after all), we have to admit, we are a little startled by the F-bomb in the title of the latest song to feature the English songbird. It’s called “F*ck With You,” and it comes to you courtesy of French producer Bob Sinclar (of “World, Hold On” fame/infamy). Maybe the “Bittersweet” diva is just frustrated that, despite her obvious talent and glam music video-ready looks, her latest album Make A Scene has yet to see a US release. (As are we!) Hear “F*ck With You” below.

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