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This Is Not A Drill: T-Pain Is Releasing A Greatest Hits Album

Does the world really need a T-Pain best of? Don’t get me wrong, “I’m ‘n Luv (Wit A Stripper)” and “Buy U A Drank (Shawty Snappin’)” are modern classics but this could be a hard sell. RCA obviously thinks otherwise because they announced the November 4 release date of T-PAIN PRESENTS HAPPY HOUR: THE GREATEST HITS today (October 16).

The 13-song collection features the above-mentioned hits but focuses largely on the rapper’s recent output. There are two versions of B.o.B-assisted chart bomb “Up Down (Do This All Day)”, two relatively obscure Chris Brown collaborations and a new single called “Drankin’ Patna”. Happily, “5 O’Clock” made the cut. Check out the full tracklist after the jump. More »

Jacob Latimore Teases “Heartbreak Heard Around The World” Video: Idolator Exclusive

He Really Wants Her Back
We premiered Jacob Latimore‘s catchy new single “Heartbreak Heard Around The World” in early June and the multi-talented teen (he’s also a budding movie star with roles in Ride Along and The Maze Runner) is now gearing up to release the Jumper-inspired video (due July 23). From our exclusive sneak peek, it looks like something of a blockbuster.

Directed by Erik White, the slick visual finds the 17-year-old walking/dancing down the street while thinking about his lady. Jacob rocks a pair of Heelys skate shoes and looks suitably emotional. Given that the clip is based on a science fiction film about a kid with teleportation abilities, I’m sure there’s a lot more action to come. Watch up top. More »

Jacob Latimore Teams Up With T-Pain On “Heartbreak Heard Around The World”: Idolator Premiere

Jacob Latimore is on a roll. With a string of high-profile movies (Ride Along, Black Nativity and The Maze Runner) under his belt, the multi-talented 17-year-old returns to the music game with T-Pain-assisted single “Heartbreak Heard Around The World”. And it’s a slickly produced, heartfelt R&B ballad with serious radio appeal.

Sounding like a cross between Nelly‘s “Just A Dream” and Chris Brown in slow jam mode, “Heartbreak Heard Around The World” finds Jacob in a very reflective mood. “Never gonna find another love like you, I had another lover but she just won’t do,” laments the teenager over smooth synths before T-Pain joins in with his trademark autotuned rap: “I was thinking about puttin’ a ring on it, I shoulda gave you everything you wanted.” Listen after the jump.

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Justin Bieber Is Doing “The Best R&B” T-Pain’s Heard In Years: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: When T-Pain wrote songs with Justin Bieber back in February, he was shocked by the results, calling it “the best R&B music” he’s heard in years. “I haven’t heard music like this since, like, early 2000s, ’90s,” he says. [MTV]

:: The Arsenio Hall Show has been canceled after a single season. Following his original late-night run back in the day – guys, Mariah Carey made her late-night TV debut there – Arsenio Hall had returned to TV with appearances by Prince, R. Kelly and Kendrick Lamar. [Rolling Stone]

:: Little Mix may have just dropped its sophomore LP Salute, but the X Factor UK winners have already started working on its follow-up. “[It's] kind of similar to [Salute] but even cooler and even more over-the-top with the production,” Jesy Nelson said. [Digital Spy]

:: In a rare non-music note, hats off to one of our longtime favorite sites, Pink Is The New Blog, which celebrated its 10th anniversary over the weekend! [Pink Is The New Blog]

After the jump, find out what music you can catch on TV today. More »

Justin Bieber Hit The Studio With T-Pain

Between smoking weed and driving (allegedly) and smoking weed and flying, Justin Bieber managed to fit in some time for actual work (which, let’s be honest, also may have involved smoking weed). The star was in the studio with Auto-Tune maestro T-Pain on Tuesday night (February 4), and the rapper posted a photo of them together.

Bieber later confirmed they were collaborating on something, tweeting, “Good creating with @TPAIN last night. Be creative.” Obviously this means that smoking out a G-IV does wonders for the creative juices. I’ll try to remember that next time I have writer’s block and run out of ways to talk about Justin Bieber’s extracurricular shenanigans.

Check out Bieber’s tweet and T-Pain’s Instagram post below. More »

Whatcha Say: Miley, Beyonce and Fergie Got Our Readers Talking

The New Year has officially begun in pop land, and already, excitement is afoot: “Glamorous” diva Fergie revealed that she’s preparing to make her grand return to the scene (finally!), Britney won her first-ever People’s Choice Award and Miley unveiled an acoustic version of “Adore You” and a surprisingly clothed campaign for Marc Jacobs.

We ourselves kick-started the year with not one, but two new giveaways: One for a signed copy of Britney Jean for Britney’s Biggest Fan, and a pair of tickets to the Bangerz Tour to those willing to #twerkfortix. Make sure to check ‘em out!

Our Most Anticipated Album of 2014 poll also ended this week, proving that the pop world simply cannot wait for another glitter drop from the divine Miss Kylie Minogue. As always, you guys had lots to say. Check out the week’s best comments below! More »

T-Pain Thinks He Deserves More Credit For Influencing Kanye West

Kanye West‘s 2008 album 808s & Heartbreak may not be the most loved release of his career, but it’s probably the most important. By dropping that sharp left turn at the height of his stardom, West freed himself to do whatever he wanted in its wake. After that, no sonic element was off limits for his palette, and thus the palette of hip-hop. And now, more than five years after its release, T-Pain has revealed that he thinks he didn’t get enough credit for influencing that landmark LP.

In a recent interview with DJ Vlad, the rap crooner revealed that he worked for 10 days on 808s in Hawaii, and relayed a conversation he had with Ye at the time, basically claiming Ye all but credited him for the concept of the album. “[Kanye] said ‘I listened to your album Rappa Ternt Sanga. I heard all the songs. I fuckin’ love your album Rappa Ternt Sanga. I think you a genius,’” T-Pain told Vlad TV. “He said, ‘But what I figured out that Rappa Ternt Sanga is just a bunch of love songs with a shitload of bass in ‘em.’ And I’m like ‘Well, love songs is like heartbreaks and the shitload of bass is the 808s. So, you calling your album 808s & Heartbreak because you making a bunch of love songs with a shitload of bass in ‘em?’ And he basically was like ‘Yeah, pretty much.’”

T-Pain went on to explain why he’s a little bitter about the lack of recognition. “The praise that he got from it was like ‘Oh my God, this is so creative. This is the new shit. This is the shit,’” he said. “And I’m like ‘Well, what happened in 2005 when I dropped Rappa Ternt Sanga and it was the same album? That’s kind of weird.’ You know what I’m saying. It just felt like I was unappreciated.” More »

Timbaland, Lil Wayne, Missy Elliott & T-Pain Team Up For “The Party Anthem”: Listen

Timbaland assembled a dream team for his song “The Party Anthem,” so we’ll forgive him for dropping it a day after the partying (January 1). Timbo’s stomping beat of cymbal crashes and plinking pianos — plus T-Pain‘s barking hook — makes for a pretty downcast club banger (unlike, say, “Everyday Birthday” from fellow super-producer Swizz Beatz). Lil Wayne‘s laid back verse fits in with the ominous vibe, but the scorching turn on the mic from Missy Elliott has us thirstier for her long-delayed Block Party. Stream “The Party Anthem” below. More »

T-Pain Quits Auto-Tune On “Don’t You Quit”: Hear It

In May 2011, T-Pain released the 30-song mixtape prEVOLVEr. In the “We Will Rock You”-sampling track “Big Man,” T-Pain raps alongside a certain Tity Boi — the same College Park, Ga., rapper who now answers to 2 Chainz. T-Pain kept up with Tha Bizness; beat, while Tity Boi barely could. They sounded nothing alike.

Why revel in the past? Well, in the first single off his forthcoming mixtape Stoic, T-Pain seems to be channeling his inner 2 Chainz, dropping one succinct punchline after another — and cracking poop jokes in the process. While 2 Chainz nodded to Pampers in his Def Jam debut Based on a T.R.U. Story, T-Pain shouts out to laxatives on “Don’t You Quit.” Hear it below. More »

Pop On The Pole: Frank Ocean’s ‘Pyramids’ Joins Long Tradition Of Songs About Stripping

Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange is blowing our minds, and we’re still trying to piece our brains back together three days after its surprise midnight release. But the one thing we know immediately is that “Pyramids” is a song for the ages. Over the course of 10 minutes Ocean crafts an epic dreamscape of love and power that morphs into a hazy tale about a stripper. That got us thinking — there are A LOT of pop songs about stripping! Not surprisingly, they’re usually celebrating the profession. Surprisingly, they’re often big hits on the charts. So that means we’re not alone in loving these 11 songs about strip clubs and the women dancing in them. More »