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Pharrell Joins The Lonely Island For “HUGS”: Watch

Come Give Them A Hug
Pharrell, still “Happy” as ever, joins The Lonely Island for its new “HUGS” video. The short clip marked the parody rap duo’s return to Saturday Night Live, plus the first time that the G I R L mastermind has hugged a mom in a Subaru hatchback – in public.

Such behavior is just one example of how The Lonely Island and Pharrell hug throughout the video. Andy Samberg and Akiva Schaffer demonstrate how they round their arms, while flanked by girls on Coogi sweaters. Pharrell sells hugs for 50 cents each at a hugging booth – a real bargain, all things considered. But, like most good things in life, it comes with a caveat. More »

“Everything Is AWESOME!!!” In Tegan And Sara & The Lonely Island’s ‘LEGO Movie’ Track: Listen

Tegan and Sara sing warmly for teamwork. Meanwhile, The Lonely Island rap like The Beastie Boys on behalf of The Nobel Peace Prize, a piece of string, trees, frogs and unemployment. (“More free time for my awesome community”? Well, they do have a point.) At first, it’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the sugary synth rush that is “Everything Is AWESOME!!!,” off The LEGO Movie soundtrack. As the preview hinted, it’s hyper. It’s definitely cheery. But it’s also undeniably catchy, and for adults especially, it can bring a host of other delightful things to mind — Sonic The Hedgehog‘s 16-bit themes and the mental image of children diving into a ball pit, if not Lil B‘s marveling at music, architecture and ants. All three exclamation points are totally justified.

Hear “Everything Is AWESOME!!!” after the jump. More »

Tegan And Sara Team Up With The Lonely Island For “Everything Is Awesome!!!”: Hear A Preview

Tegan And Sara are known to have a great sense of humor (remember that all dog remake of the “Closer” video?), and they’ve teamed up with former SNL Digital Short masterminds The Lonely Island for “Everything Is Awesome!!!”, a track from The Lego Movie‘s soundtrack. This being an animated kids’ film, the song is hyper and cheery, and the jokes stray from Andy Samberg and company’s usual blue material. But it’s still kinda funny to hear someone mean-rap the line, “Lost my  job, it’s a new opportunity / More free time for my awesome community.”

Hear a preview of the EDM collab below. More »

Robyn & The Lonely Island’s “Go Kindergarten” Video Features Sean Combs, Paul Rudd & A Lot Of Stupid

robyn lonely island go kindergarten music video sean combs paul rudd
Robyn's Cat Helmet =The Only Thing That Matters Ever
Everything about the video for “Go Kindergarten,” the collaboration between crass SNL yucksters The Lonely Island and usually-can-do-no-wrong Swedish pop queen Robyn is abysmal. Except for Robyn, that is. And her crazy makeup. And her effing unbelievable cat helmet. The spiked headdress she’s wearing at one point is kind of amazing, too. And the part where Diddy punches Paul Rudd in the face actually calls for a replay or two. And don’t get me started on the scene where the rap mogul chops Rudd’s middle finger off with hedge clippers.

The absolute worst, though, is the whole “Ladies, whip your dick out!” bit. It’s horrifying and completely offensive. But also kind of transcendent. In fact, let’s watch that shit again.

You, on the other hand, should not view this video at all. Above. Don’t click play. Just walk away from your computer and go eat a Snickers instead. More »

The Lonely Island & Alanis Morissette Bring “Semicolon,” “Ironic” To ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ : Watch

No Longer Lonely
When The Lonely Island performed “Semicolon” on Jimmy Kimmel Live, the parody rap group didn’t explain why Alanis Morissette — and not Solange, as heard in the studio version — was singing the chorus, not at first anyway.

Even though “Semicolon” riffs off rap’s current obsession with commas (as in, the number that appears in their current salaries), and chancellor reference aside, the Lonely Island clearly had the ’90s in mind: “‘Did I do that?’ Urkel / Angela, Who’s the Boss? / Merkel.” So when Morissette interrupted to correct them on their use of semicolons, the Lonely Island paused, then fired back with another retro reference.  More »

The Lonely Island & Robyn Team Up For “Go Kindergarten”: Watch The Rehearsal Video

Robyn The Lonely Island Go Kindergarten
Just Dance
Well, this is frustrating! It’s frustrating because it’s new Robyn music, and that’s all any of us (I’m speaking for all people in the world with a passing interest in pop music) really want out of life; but this isn’t the new Robyn music I wanted! This is a crystalline, YOLO-riffic Robyn hook that comes by way of a new single from The Lonely Island, and I know it should be funny but I just — sigh — I can’t. I can’t with it. Robyn’s supposed to be the synth-spangled Scandinavian melancholy of “Dancing On My Own” and “Hang With Me,” or maybe the self-conscious wit of “Konichiwa Bitches” and “Criminal Intent,” and even at her most scabrous — like her cover of “Jack U Off” — it’s still so adorably twee. There’s a difference between that and the comedy rap of these bros, on display in “Go Kindergarten.” This one’s just a bummer. More »

Watch Beyonce Bring Blue Ivy On Stage During London Show: Morning Mix

beyonce blue ivy london stage
Blue Ivy's Diva Debut
Did You Hear?

:: Who knew Blue Ivy would be following in her mommy’s footsteps so soon? For the May 4 Mrs. Carter Show stop in London, Beyonce brought her daughter on stage during “Irreplaceable.” While it’s weird to see Bey looking at her daughter as she sings, “I can have another you in a minute,” we’ll still consider this Blue Ivy’s official diva debut. [VIBE]

:: In other baby news, Kreayshawn is pregnant! The rapper announced the news on Instagram, writing, “Everyone’s been wondering why all my pics have been neck up. WELL here’s a neck down one! IM GONNA BE A MOM! (Im pregnant).” Let’s see if the kid will be rocking Gucci, Louis, Fendi, Prada or none of the above. [Pop Dust]

:: One half of French electronic house duo Daft Punk sat down with Billboard for a rare interview about their upcoming album Random Access Memories. Thomas Bangalter reflected on the current “homogeny” of the EDM scene, stating there is a lack of individuality. [Billboard]

:: A sad video of recently deceased Chris Kelly (of famed ’90s rap duo Kris Kross) has emerged on the Web. The video, which was shot hours before Kelly’s death and apparently in the midst of a bender, shows him struggling to rap along to a song he has been working on. [Gothamist]

:: Good news for die-hard Saturday Night Live fans! The Lonely Island announced the release of their new record on the show last weekend. The Wack Album drops on June 11, and the trio is prepping its first-ever live performance on July 15 at Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom. [The A.V. Club]

:: Jay-Z discussed the inspiration behind his buzzed-about soundtrack for The Great Gatsby. The rapper, alongside director Baz Luhrmann, compared genres like hip-hop to the Jazz era: “Jazz was this almost underground music at the time, like hip-hop started out. I like to think of it as a character, because it’s so interwoven into the storyline.” [MTV]

After the jump, find out which music acts you can catch on TV today. More »

Justin Timberlake Reunites With Andy Samberg As “Dick In A Box” Duo On ‘Saturday Night Live’: Watch

Watch Video
Justin Timberlake may now consider himself a “Legend of the Summer” alongside Jay-Z, but last night (March 9) he also reunited with The Lonely Island‘s Andy Samberg to reprise his first-ever role on Saturday Night Live — one half of the the Emmy-winning “Dick in a Box” duo.

The premise: It’s a spoof off “The Dating Game,” and the “Dick in a Box” duo team up as Contestant No. 2. (Their rainy day cure for their dream tenderoni: Dry her off with a old rug — “It’s softer than it sounds.”) But the plot thickens, once Steve Martin and Dan Aykroyd appear as Contestant No. 3: the Festrunk Brothers, another famed SNL bachelor duo who exchanges American catchphrases via their heavy Czechoslovakian accents and wears plaid pants to accentuate their, erm, bulges.

Who will win the American fox’s heart? Watch the skit above, then after the jump, check out Timberlake as he represents for vegetarians across the United States, dancing as a block of tofu and singing about yellow quinoa and brown rice, to Trinidad James‘ “All Gold Everything” and Rihanna‘s “We Found Love.” More »

Adam Levine & The Lonely Island Shout “YOLO” (Kinda) In ‘SNL’ Digital Short

SNL Digital Short "YOLO" Adam Levine Andy Samberg
You Win Some, YOLO Some
Adam Levine wore many hats on Saturday Night Live last night, but one of the funnier moments was his collaboration with The Lonely Island for a digital short titled “YOLO.” The short brought the return of Andy Samberg – along with his other Lonely Island counterparts – completely screwing up the meaning behind “Y.O.L.O.” or “You Only Live Once.” Drake initially (ab)used the acronym to mean, like, “Go party with strippers because you only live once” or whatever. These guys had a different sentiment in mind.

In this video, the guys are offering cautionary advice like burying money in your backyard because banks are shady, avoiding loud clubs because they’re bad for your ears, and the best — staying away from kids because “their hair is filled with mad lice.” Musical guest Kendrick Lamar even checks in for a verse on low-risk 401K options and financial forecasting. This song is like a Doomsday anthem! Watch up top. More »

Andy Samberg Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’: His Top 10 Best Digital Shorts With Pop Stars

Saturday Night Live ended its 37th season by tearfully saying goodbye to Kristin Wiig, and now the show is losing another key player. Fake rapper/Nicolas Cage impersonator Andy Samberg has confirmed that he won’t be returning to SNL next season.

Though his comedy group The Lonely Island (also made up of Jorma Taccone and  Akiva Schaffer) may still contribute Digital Shorts, this is the end of their regular involvement with the show. It’s too bad, as the faux hip-hop trio have contributed quite a few highly catchy (and incredibly funny) tunes over the years, and doubled up on the star power by having a pop star jump on board. Jump below for our 10 favorite musical Digital Shorts featuring pop stars to air during Samberg’s seven year stint on SNL. Don’t agree with our picks? Then throw this list on the grrrooooooound! More »