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Lady Gaga Sings A Song To Her Little Monsters On ‘The Simpsons’

lady gaga the simpsons grammy dress
Gaga's Little Monster Song: Watch!
Lady Gaga‘s voiceover acting debut on The Simpsons aired last night (May 20), and though Lisa remained unimpressed with the pop star throughout most of the episode, we thought Mother Monster did pretty well in animated form. If you have Lady Gaga as your special guest, you obviously need to have her sing, and sing she did: in this 90-second ode to her little monsters, Gaga wears a dress made of birds, a dress made of Grammys, a Star Wars Jawa costume, and her iconic fire bra.

Sings Gaga (or “Lady JaJa”, according to Grandpa): “But every monster needs to find that secret deep inside / That transforms Dr. Jekyll into Sexy Mr. Hyde.” Our favorite line: “Oh, my monsters, so beautiful / Disco Stu-tiful,” with a shot of Disco Stu in the crowd. We anxiously await the dance remix!

If you missed the episode, you can watch the full thing right here.

Lady Gaga Kisses Marge, Gets Yelled At By Lisa On ‘The Simpsons’

lady gaga the simpsons marge
Lady Gaga And... Marge?!
Lady Gaga‘s episode of The Simpsons on the show’s season finale (airing this Sunday May 20 on Fox) has been previewed and hyped up so much, we feel like we’ve practically seen the whole thing already. Apparently not, as today comes two more sneak peeks at what we can expect during Gaga’s ep: in the above clip, the pop star has a heart-to-heart with Marge, and ends up engaging in a full-on smooch. And below, Lisa denounces the “Born This Way” singer, leaving her in tears (or should we say, jewels). More »

Lady Gaga Rides The Train — Go Behind-The-Scenes Of Her ‘Simpsons’ Episode

lady gaga simpsons
Gaga Goes To Springfield
We hope you’re readying your multiple outfits for any potential viewing parties of Lady Gaga‘s episode of The Simpsons, which airs this Sunday May 20 at 8 p.m. on Fox. Entertainment Tonight takes us behind-the-scenes of the Born This Way singer’s episode, showing footage of Gaga recording the episode with the rest of the cast and crew. “Sometimes it was very endearing, other times they were making fun of me,” says the pop star with a smile. “And I’m making fun of everybody else. It’s sort of what I do as a performer… I think I was more nervous than I’ve ever been, because I have so much respect for them. I just wanted to do a good job.”

Our favorite moments from this new sneak-peek are mainly shoe-related: Gaga, wearing giant platforms, steps into an even bigger set of platforms, while her hot-pink train comes with its own pair of heels. (Would that make it a shoe-shoe train? Please forgive us for that one, we couldn’t help ourselves.)


Lady Gaga On ‘The Simpsons’: Watch A Preview

Lady Gaga The simpsons
Lady Gaga Gets Simpsonized
Money and awards aside, you know you’ve really made it when you a) get parodied by Weird Al Yankovic, and b) appear as yourself on The Simpsons. Last year was “Perform This Way”, and now Lady Gaga can check off the latter marker of success, as the pop star will lend her voice — and most of her wardrobe — to an upcoming episode of the Fox series. “I’m so excited!!!! I’m gonna be on THE SIMPSONS! #LisaGoesGaga,” tweeted the pop star, linking to the above trailer, which shows most (but not all) of her off-the-wall looks. “Look closely, their paws are up!”

If you want some more costume spoilers, check out our gallery of Simpsonized Gaga’s outfits from the May 20 season finale. The most shocking get-up of all? A grey hoodie. Gaga would never!

Lady Gaga Will Wear As Many Outfits On ‘The Simpsons’ As She Does In Real Life

Lady Gaga is headed to Springfield, and she’s not packing light. Entertainment Weekly shares an exclusive pic from the pop star’s debut cameo on The Simpsons, featuring the singer wearing a white-and-seafoam frock seemingly inspired by this tour costume. In case you thought the animated Gaga would have some restraint the real-life Gaga does not possess when it comes to her wardrobe, this is only one of 18 outfits she’ll wear during the episode, which airs on Fox on Sunday May 20.

Lady Gaga To Guest Star On ‘The Simpsons’

Lady Gaga has Little Monsters all over the world – even in Springfield. The “You And I” singer will reportedly guest star on an upcoming episode of The Simpsons for the show’s 23rd season. According to Yeardley Smith (who voices Lisa), “She’s playing herself, and [The Simpsons writers] describe her as the happiest, most optimistic person in the world. She comes to Springfield to try to cheer up Lisa, but she can’t.” We’re already dying to know how many outfits the animators will be forced to create for cartoon Gaga’s inevitable costume changes. More details (and a pic!) below. More »

Did Usher Rip Off “OMG” From Homer Simpson?

Homer better call Lionel Hutz for some legal advice — morning radio show Y101 Showgram discovered that a made-up Christmas song sung by Homer during the show’s 14th season sounds a lot like Usher’s hit “OMG”. What’s next, Ush sampling the “Mr. Plow” song? Jump below and be the judge. More »

Katy Perry And Her Boobs Welcome On ‘The Simpsons’

As you may recall, Grammy nominee Katy Perry was banished from Sesame Street for putting her assets a little too clearly on display. But not all TV shows (allegedly) meant for a younger audience are as uptight — on last night’s Christmas-themed episode of The Simpsons, the pop star and her cleavage were celebrated in a special puppet segment of the show. And the only thing more awkward than having a Christmas episode airing on December 5 was Fox turning our favorite cartoon family into faux-Muppets and having them interact with a non-animated Katy Perry. Clip below. More »

Katy Perry To Guest Star On ‘The Simpsons’

Katy Perry might have been given the axe from Sesame Street, but the mammory-enhanced (and proud of it) pop star isn’t through with puppets just yet. Perry will appear on an upcoming episode of The Simspons in a live-action segment featuring the Simpson clan as puppets. In related news, Katy’s cleavage will get its own episode next Spring. (Not really, but they’re certainly popular enough to warrant their own spin-off series.) Details below.

More »

‘Glee’ On ‘The Simpsons’ — Watch A Preview!

Fox is wisely creating some synergy between two of their hit shows—for The Simpsons‘ 22nd season premiere, Glee‘s Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Amber Riley voice campers at an arts camp, welcoming Lisa with a rendition of the Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations.” It’s cute, but if anything Glee-related doesn’t have Sue Sylvester in it, we feel somewhat cheated. Watch below!

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