The Trajectory

Predicting Britney Spears’ Comeback Tour, In Y’All Its Glory

spearscomeback.jpgAs you might heave heard, Britney Spears is back, in all of her bolero-bustin’, gum-chewing glory. But how long will this last? Once again, Idolator presents The Trajectory(TM pending), in which we chart an important musical event before it happens.

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The Trajectory: Plotting The PLUG Awards

As you might have heard, the annual Plug Awards–a not-at-all-unnecessary event in which indie types celebrate other, indier types–will be held tomorrow night in New York City. We’re going, mostly because we have to, and because we’ve always wondered what it would be like to lose an award in public. But how will the night shake out for everyone else? After the click-through, our predictions.

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The Trajectory: Predicting How Long The Police Reunion Will Last Before Someone Turns On A Red Light

From time to time, Idolator foretells the future with The Trajectory(TM), in which we chronicle an important musical event before it even occurs. After the click-through, our predictions for the Police reunion, which will start with a Grammy-opening performance on Feb. 11:

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The Trajectory: Predicting Van Halen’s Inevitable Reunion-Tour Eruption

For the twelfth time in the last decade or so, there’s talk that a reunion between oft-grinning skeleton Eddie Van Halen and beloved morning-radio DJ David Lee Roth could actually happen. Herewith, Idolator presents The Trajectory(TM), a new feature in which we chronicle an important musical event before it even occurs. Our predictions for Eddie and Dave’s next adventure:

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