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Unbelievable Rumors About Famous Musicians That Turned Out To Be True

Turns out the music industry is just as crazy we thought it is! More »

Kanye West In Talks To Have Own Show On VICE’s New TV Channel: Morning Mix

Plus Prince is hosting a peace concert in Baltimore. Also see which artists will be performing on television today. More »

The Who References Daft Punk In First New Song In Eight Years

Lauryn Hill’s Mugshot Hits The Web: Morning Mix

London Olympics 2012: Spice Girls, One Direction, George Michael & Others Close The Games: Watch

London Olympics 2012: Who’s Who At ‘A Symphony Of British Music’ Closing Ceremony Concert

FRIDAY VIDEO TIME: The Highly Subjective Totally Debatable List Of The Best Songs That Start With The Letter “P”

All My Generation Wanted Was A (Pat On The Head From) Pepsi, But They Wouldn’t Give It To Us

Continuing today’s “classic rock will not be dethroned until the final Boomer drops” theme, Pepsi has debuted a new TV spot that remixes the Who’s “My Generation” for, um, different Pepsi generations, from the flapper years to the fall of the Berlin Wall to a throbbing mosh pit that I guess is supposed to symbolize the late ’90s. What is missing from the ad, however, is a passing of the sugar-water torch to the current generation, and that’s something that has Songs For Soap’s Charlie Moran a bit worried:

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A Playlist Full Of Optimism (And A Little Bit Of Weirdness)

Songs used on MSNBC during the cable net’s run-up… More »

What Was The First Song You Heard In 2009?

A possibly heartwarming illustrative anecdote awaits you after the jump!

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