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Kanye West In Talks To Have Own Show On VICE’s New TV Channel: Morning Mix

Plus Prince is hosting a peace concert in Baltimore. Also see which artists will be performing on television today. More »

The Who References Daft Punk In First New Song In Eight Years

Lauryn Hill’s Mugshot Hits The Web: Morning Mix

London Olympics 2012: Spice Girls, One Direction, George Michael & Others Close The Games: Watch

London Olympics 2012: Who’s Who At ‘A Symphony Of British Music’ Closing Ceremony Concert

FRIDAY VIDEO TIME: The Highly Subjective Totally Debatable List Of The Best Songs That Start With The Letter “P”

All My Generation Wanted Was A (Pat On The Head From) Pepsi, But They Wouldn’t Give It To Us

Continuing today’s “classic rock will not be dethroned until the final Boomer drops” theme, Pepsi has debuted a new TV spot that remixes the Who’s “My Generation” for, um, different Pepsi generations, from the flapper years to the fall of the Berlin Wall to a throbbing mosh pit that I guess is supposed to symbolize the late ’90s. What is missing from the ad, however, is a passing of the sugar-water torch to the current generation, and that’s something that has Songs For Soap’s Charlie Moran a bit worried:

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A Playlist Full Of Optimism (And A Little Bit Of Weirdness)

Songs used on MSNBC during the cable net’s run-up… More »

What Was The First Song You Heard In 2009?

A possibly heartwarming illustrative anecdote awaits you after the jump!

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Gaz Coombes and Foo Fighters

Supergrass singer Gaz Coombes pinch-hit for Dave Grohl at the taping of VH1’s Rock Honors tribute to the Who on Saturday night, thanks to Grohl’s voice being too tired to make its way through two songs. More »

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