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Beyonce And Tina Turner Rumored To Perform At Oprah’s 60th Birthday Bash: Morning Mix

:: Beyonce and Tina Turner are rumored to be performing at Oprah Winfrey‘s 60th birthday party in January. Sounds about right. [VIBE]

:: If his morose music is any indication, Morrissey‘s autobiography should be anything but a light read. I wonder if he will address his long-questioned sexuality in the page-turner. [Spin]

:: Jennifer Lopez says it was difficult decision to return to American Idol “because I had a lot of stuff going on”. Well, that explains everything. [Digital Spy]

:: Now this is cute. Selena Gomez might be a globe-trotting superstar but she still puts aside some quality time for her mom. Like grabbing a coffee and dodging paparazzi. [Just Jared]

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Ibrawlator: Who Was The Best Of The Best Female Video VMA Winners Of The ’80s?

Like A VMA Winner
Diamonds are a girl’s best friend — and so are VMA moonmen.

In case you haven’t heard by now (err, that’s impossible), the MTV Video Music Awards are coming up on Sunday. We’re all super stoked to see which acts will win — especially the Best Female Video category, which sees Taylor Swift, Demi Lovato, Rihanna, Miley Cyrus and Pink vying for that award. But before we see who wins, we wanted to take a look back and remember the Best Female winners of yesteryear. More »

Tina Turner Celebrates New Marriage In Switzerland

Tina Turner celebrated her marriage to music executive Erwin Bach today with a Buddist-inspired party at her Swiss lakeside estate. Authorities have temporarily barred boats from sailing nearby to prevent potential accidents by onlookers.

More than 120 guests — including David Bowie, Sade and Oprah Winfrey — wore white as they joined the longtime couple, who got married about a month ago. Turner wore a white gown designed by Giorgio Armani, according to local press.

Bach had proposed to Turner before she turned 50 (she’s 73 now), but they held off on marriage for decades thereafter. “Erwin and I don’t feel that we need a marriage. We are just as married now as if it was legal,” Turner has said. Watch Turner and Bach discuss their relationship — including why it differs from Turner’s previous marriage to Ike Turner — in various interviews after the jump. More »

Ed Sheeran Spotted Chilling With J. Cole & Mac Miller In New York: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Ed Sheeran was spotted backstage at New York’s Hammerstein Ballroom hanging out with (wait for it) J. Cole and Mac Miller. Could this have something to do with Ed’s supposedly hip-hop-influenced next album? [Vibe]

:: Justin Bieber continues to channel his inner bad boy, as the pop star got yet another tattoo, but this one shows he’s just a mama’s boy. At least, that’s what we think it means when you get a tat of your mom’s eye? He posted his new addition on Instagram with the caption: “@bangbangnyc did this art ., Moms always watching ;)” [Gossip Cop]

:: Are these dance rehearsals for Britney Spears‘ Vegas show? That’s what the Brit songs in the background would suggest… [ONTD]

:: Taylor Swift fans sent death threats to a t-shirt maker, what else is new? This time, a small clothing company is under fire from Swifties for making a shirt that lists the names of her ex-boyfriends. Many outrageously outraged, unhinged posts ensued. [OceanUP]

:: Tina Turner is now a married woman! The diva got hitched to her partner of 27 years, Erwin Bach. The couple plans to celebrate with a Buddhist ceremony at Switzerland’s Kusnacht Manor. Congrats! [Billboard]

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Pop On The Pole: Frank Ocean’s ‘Pyramids’ Joins Long Tradition Of Songs About Stripping

Frank Ocean‘s Channel Orange is blowing our minds, and we’re still trying to piece our brains back together three days after its surprise midnight release. But the one thing we know immediately is that “Pyramids” is a song for the ages. Over the course of 10 minutes Ocean crafts an epic dreamscape of love and power that morphs into a hazy tale about a stripper. That got us thinking — there are A LOT of pop songs about stripping! Not surprisingly, they’re usually celebrating the profession. Surprisingly, they’re often big hits on the charts. So that means we’re not alone in loving these 11 songs about strip clubs and the women dancing in them. More »

Nicole Scherzinger Covers Tina Turner’s Bond Theme “Goldeneye”

For the re-release of the Nintendo 64 game “Goldeneye 007″, Nicole Scherzinger covered the classic James Bond theme “Goldeneye”, originally recorded by no less than Tina Turner. How does Nicole’s version stack up against the music icon’s? Surprisingly well! Listen below.
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The ‘Glee’ Cast Does Duets — Listen To Songs From Tonight’s Episode

In tonight’s episode of Glee, the crew practices their assignment of performing a duet, and Artie’s love triangle with Tina and Mike gets more complicated. After the jump, voila your song spoilers for “Duets”, including some big band classics, more tunes from A Chorus Line, and a cover of one of our favorite duets between Elton John and Minnie Mouse. Plus, Mike Chang finally sings! Sort of!

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Kanye West Would Like To Offer Up A New Celebrity Taxonomy

In the midst of praising a sort of mediocre, but I guess well-framed paparazzi photo of Rihanna, Kanye West took some time out to offer up his thoughts on today’s biggest stars, and which current celebrities were serving as analogies of stars gone by, I guess because we live in the post-everything age. If you ever wondered which current somewhat-superstar Kanye West views as the new Jimi Hendrix and/or Roger Waters, the answers lie after the jump.

JUSTIN IS THE NEW MIKE (Jackson, I guess? Has anyone ever heard him called “Mike”? Are we just not famous enough?)
GAGA’S MADONNA (God help us)
WAYNE IS HENDRIX (Not with that guitar playing)

So, putting aside the, um, timeframe-spanning analogies that Kanye’s offering here, I have a question: Which “legend in the making” does he represent? Marvin Gaye? Andy Warhol? One of the Studio 54 guys? Or is he just, well, his own thing, defying comparison? And isn’t it sort of a cheat, if he thinks he is?

FRESH ASS PICTURE!! [kanYe West: Blog]

What’s Fandom Got To Do With It?

Live reviews of music tend to incite unnecessary fury from artists’ fans when they feel that their heroes have been slighted. Los Angeles Times critic Ann Powers opened up her mailbox and showed us some of the letters she received in response to a not-completely-glowing review of a recent Tina Turner performance at LA’s Staples Center. Here’s one of the nicer notes Powers got: “This woman is an inspiration to us all… For you to criticize her in any way is a lack of respect for her talent and professionalism. Wait until you turn 68 (almost 69) and see if you can get out and do half of what she does. Shame on you.” Not all of them were that polite, however.

Witness this caps-happy missive from a TINA TURNER SUPER FAN(!!!):

YOU REALLY DON’T GET IT, DO YOU. That’s all I can say to you……Who do you think go to these shows, DIE-HARD FANS.FANS.FANS….A fan of a super star will go to any and all shows that are available and possible…..A fan loves the artist no matter what…..For you as a columnist to tear apart this show was really out of control.

In cases like these–an established artist putting on an elaborate stage show and charging lots of money for the experience–should a review act as a consumer guide? The second commenter has a point lurking between the caps-lock and ellipses: Many people who purchase high-priced tickets to see a rock and roll legend are most likely going to look past the performance’s minor flaws.

Powers defends her position, saying, “In the end, I decided that ignoring Turner’s flaws would have been disrespectful, a qualifying act not unlike that old male chauvinist saw: ‘You play pretty good for a girl.’ She’s a real artist, and a musical innovator; she would want me to be honest, I think.” One wonders if Turner would focus more on her fans’ reactions to her show, both in the immediate crowd response and in the later ones from comment and letter-writers, particularly since her current tour is seen as something of a last victory lap.

But it’s difficult to support music criticism on an entirely citizen-journalistic basis, considering the types of fans who so willingly offer their opinions in comment sections around the Internet. And Powers’ review did analyze why, despite Turner’s vocal problems, the show was a success: Turner’s physical performance is what has really developed her career. Powers’ piece proves why we need competent, literate music critics: it’s good to have someone with at least some sense of objectivity to explain why performers have the ability to affect an audience, whether in a positive or negative way.

Are Tina Turner and other legends off-limits to negative criticism? [Pop & Hiss]

Did Any Of Rock’s Long-Standing Icons Not Make A Poor Aesthetic Choice During The ’80s?

whoszoominwho.jpgMy post on James Brown’s “Living In America” reminded me of a sorta-sketched-out theory I have about the evolution, and devolution, of recent years’ musical landscape: There are few musical icons from the glory days of rock and pop who didn’t make at least one indescribably awful career choice during the 1980s. (Some of the artists haven’t even recovered yet.) Evidence for this theory after the jump, along with one striking exception who leads me to believe that the product of an idle mind forced to hear one too many Rod Stewart covers while waiting on line in Walgreens might actually be fact.


Aretha Franklin – Freeway Of Love

This is one of those songs that I think was designed for the pitched-up-a-notch world of mid-’80s top-40 radio. I have heard it in about three different keys; each time, Aretha’s strident belt was kicked further and further up into shrillland.

David Bowie & Mick Jagger – Dancing In The Street

Both men made many unwise choices during this decade, but this takes the cake. That “South Americaaaaaaa….” alone makes me shudder.

Michael Jackson & Paul McCartney – The Girl Is Mine

A song whose awfulness was cemented by the selection of to fill in for Macca on this year’s 25th-anniversary Thriller package.

Stevie Wonder – Don’t Drive Drunk

The impulse to get completely shitfaced after hearing this song for purposes of obliterating it from your mind is, however, completely understandable.

Rod Stewart – Downtown Train

Let’s just say that picking just one Rod clip was a tough choice. I mean, do you remember this?

It’s like he’s just off-pitch enough to make this sound completely strange. And that big “whooooo!” at the end! Augh.


Tina Turner.

Even that song that name-drops Thunderdome isn’t awful, especially when you put it next to that Aretha track.