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The Tings Tings Debut “Wrong Club” Video: Watch

The Right Place To Be
The Ting Tings take over a dark, abandoned warehouse in their video for “Wrong Club,”  directed by Lisa Paclet.

While this space boasts plenty of room to host a party, vocalist Katie White decides to sing and dance alone. For the choreography, the Tings Tings had turned to reliable dancing duo I COULD NEVER BE A DANCER (Kylie Minogue, Pet Shop Boys) — a sound decision, given how the video turns out. Blinking lasers scan through White as if she’s a grocery-store item, though she isn’t fazed. Instead, as she sports a black bodysuit and big, Donna Summer-inspired hair (she’s searching for a name to call this style, by the way), White appears confident as she poses, spins and boogies to the ’70s disco-inspired song. More »

The Ting Tings Return With New Song “Wrong Club”

“I’m in the wrong club, listening to this shit,” Ting Tings vocalist Katie White sings, in the duo’s first new single in two years.

Initially, fans of the Manchester duo may feel the same way of “Wrong Club,” off the Ting Tings’ forthcoming third album due this fall. Written and recorded in Ibiza with Duran Duran‘s Anthony Taylor, the new song is ’70s disco, laced with Philadelphia soul – a far cry from the Ting Tings’ founding, brassy dance-pop, and, as some fans pointed out, a dead ringer for Daft Punk‘s own throwback “Get Lucky.” But the more Ting Tings protest (“I’m in the wrong life, get me out of this”), the more this throwback actually feels like theirs.

From “That’s Not My Name” to “Shut Up And Let Me Go” and now this, the Ting Tings have always known how to make themselves heard, even with all the other noise out there. Hear “Wrong Club” before its July 28 release below. More »

The Ting Tings To Embark On Spring Tour

The Ting Tings have shaken themselves out of hibernation for the Spring. The Brit duo (made up of Katie White and Jules De Martino) will embark on a 25-date tour in March and April in anticipation of their long-awaited sophomore LP, Sounds From Nowheresville. Though the Tings will stop in cities all across the US, Nowhereseville does not appear to be on the itinerary. Tour dates below!

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The Ting Tings Reveal Rotting Corpse Cover Art For ‘Sounds From Nowheresville’

Perhaps The Ting Tings waited so long to release their sophomore album, they began to deteriorate while posing for their album cover? That’s the only reason we can come up with for this crudely drawn cover art for Sounds From Nowheresville, the Brit duo’s follow-up to their smash debut We Started Nothing. Actually, the real story about how this morbid cover and its equally absurd title came to be awaits you below. More »

The Ting Tings Resurface In New Video “Hang It Up”

It was nearly a year ago when we had a nice long chat with Katie White and Jules De Martino of The Ting Tings, who previewed us a handful of tracks from their sophomore album, which the British duo began recording a year prior — so basically, this album has been a very, very long time in the making. Thirteen months after dropping their single “Hands”, the Grammy-nominated pair have revealed a new song and video for “Hang It Up”. Catch it below. More »

The Ting Tings On Freezing In Berlin, Loving TLC And Making A “Playlist Album”

Around this time last year, the Ting Tings were tucked away in their studio in Berlin, writing and recording their follow-up to their debut album, We Started Nothing. Now the Grammy nominated, indie electro-rock-pop duo from Manchester, comprised of Katie White and Jules De Martino, are ready to release their sophomore LP (which is not called Kunst, by the way — but more on that later). And they’ve established their own way of getting attention.

“We’re not the loudest band in the room… you know, whip cream guns strapped to my tits, like how pop people are,” Katie told us during our exclusive sit-down with the band. “We’re quiet in the little details, which I think is our way of being ballsy.”

We would certainly describe the British duo as having some serious guts. Instead of sticking strictly to the brassy dance-pop that turned “That’s Not My Name” and “Shut Up And Let Me Go” into radio smashes, the band stretched for eclecticism this time around. They drew inspiration from TLC to Fleetwood Mac to cheesy movie themes from the 80s to create what they call their “playlist album”. Head below for details on the Ting Tings’ latest, and why living in Berlin in the wintertime might not have been such a great idea in retrospect. More »

The Ting Tings Go Unplugged With “Hands” For BBC Switch

Justin Bieber isn’t the only one going unplugged these days. Last week The Ting Ting’s sat down and knocked out a rather lovely acoustic performance of their latest single “Hands” for BBC Switch. As Music And Lyrics points out, the song recently debuted at #29 on the UK chart. Here in the States, it has yet to be made available as a commercial download. Oh, well—at least we can watch!
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Passion Pit Put Their Hands All Over The Ting Tings’ “Hands” Remix

Passion Pit are constantly churning out fabulous remixes of dance-pop hits, from Katy Perry’s “California Gurls” to Lady Gaga’s “Telephone” to Dan Black’s “Symphonies” and beyond. Today we get treated to the electro-pop group’s sleek mix of the Ting Ting’s new single “Hands“. Clap your hands if you’re working too hard and need a music break! Jump below to rock out to the remix.

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The Ting Tings Get LOUD For Tommy Hilfiger With “We’re Not The Same”

British indie pop duo Ting Tings teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger for a frangrance aptly titled LOUD. Not only did the “Hands” group put their fingerprints on the fragrance line’s signature scent, they also hand a hand in the spray cologne’s ad campaign with their tune “We Are Not The Same”. Jump below to check out a behind the scenes look at the making of the new campaign ad and head here to catch the finished “fun with duct tape” commercial.
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The Ting Tings Jump Back To The ’80s In Their Orwellian “Hands” Video

The new video from Missing Persons—oops, make that the Ting Tings!— is a synthy,’80s-drenched tour de force that rivals fellow Brit Mark Ronson’s recent offering, “Bang Bang Bang.” Produced by Calvin Harris, “Hands” is a frenetic track that’s given an Orwellian “Big Brother is watching you” video via director Warren Fu. Head below and watch if you’re working too hard.

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