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Tupac Hologram Company Goes Bankrupt

That brain-melting, slightly off-putting resurrection of Tupac Shakur at Coachella nearly caused the internet to malfunction, but even that immense level of buzz wasn’t enough to save the creators of Hologram Tupac from bankruptcy. Digital Domain Media Group — the special effects company behind Holo-Pac —  has filed for Chapter 11. The hologram reportedly cost a couple hundred thousand dollars, so perhaps Dr. Dre knew something we all didn’t know when he shot down the idea of taking Holo-Pac on tour. Or maybe that very decision is why the company went bankrupt. More »

New Kids On The Block Join The Wanted On Stage For “Glad You Came”: Morning Mix

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The 90's Meet The '10's!
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:: Following the unlikely return of 98 Degrees, boy band nostalgia reached a fever pitch when The Wanted united with New Kids on the Block at the Mixtape Festival to perform “Glad You Came.” Which is fine by us, as long as 5ive stays back at the turn of the century where they belong. [Popdust]

:: Rita Ora claims it was “love at first sight” when she met Bruno Mars, but “work got in the way” of their relationship. Which sounds like the publicist-approved way to explain that he caught a grenade for her and she didn’t say “thanks.” [PopCrush]

:: The Material Girl is in hot water with the Russians! After catching flack for speaking out against the harsh 2-year sentence slapped on Pussy Riot for “hooliganism,” Madonna has been sued for promoting homosexuality to minors at her St. Petersberg concert, passing out pink arm bands in support of the freedom to love members of either gender. But gee, what did the Russians expect from the woman who gave us “Express Yourself”?  [Entertainment Weekly]

:: Showing support for young Harper Gruzins (arguably the worst “Star Spangled Banner”-er of all time), Christina Aguilera is apparently starting a support group for people who have humiliated themselves attempting to sing the national anthem at sporting events. [Popdust]

:: Holograms just won’t cut it for the Smith family. Willow Smith shared a letter she penned asking Tupac Shakur to return and make her mother Jada Pinkett Smith happy. (Jada was a close friend and rumored paramour of the fallen legend.) So Will — if you spot a zombie rapper lurking around the Smith mansion, you know who to send to bed without supper. [Rap-Up]

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Tupac Hologram Is Now An Award Winner: Morning Mix

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:: Coachella‘s most talked-about guest performer is now an award-winner. Digital Domain won the Titanium Award at the 59th annual Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity for “Virtual 2pac,” its holographic projection of late rapper Tupac Shakur. [LA Times]

:: As Miley Cyrus prepares for her upcoming wedding, her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, will be preparing for his Great White Way debut. The “Achy Breaky Heart” chart-topper is set to join the cast of Chicago in November. [AOL Music]

:: Fiona Apple opens up about her history with obsessive compulsive disorder in the latest issue of Elle. “At its worst, I was compelled to leave my house at three o’clock in the morning and go out in the alley because I just knew that the paper-towel roll I threw in the recycling bin was uncomfortable, like it was lying the wrong way,” she tells the mag. [MTV]

:: How can The Voice coach Cee Lo Green possibly top his Season 2 mascot, Purrfect, the evil white cat? With a pink cockatoo named Lady in Season 3, of course! [People]

:: Big Time Rush released a new music video to remind teenage girls everywhere of boy bands other than One Direction. But the video, which features the boys driving down the beach and frolicking with girls in the water, seems a little too familiar for our taste. [PopCrush]

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Tupac’s Hologram Sold A Lot Of Tupac Records

It’s been 12 years since the late Tupac Shakur has appeared on the Billboard 200 chart, but thanks to his virtual resurrection at Coachella this year, the rapper’s album and song sales are also back from the dead. Since his 2D projection hit the stage during the festival’s first weekend (Apr. 15), ‘Pac’s 1998 Greatest Hits release has reappeared at #129 on the album chart, up 571% in sales with more than 4,000 copies sold. “Hail Mary” — Tupac’s last single, released in 1997 off The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory — was downloaded more than 13,000 times last week, up a staggering 1,530% since his CGI effigy opened with it on stage alongside Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre. “California Love” and “2 Of Amerikaz Most Wanted” also made substantial gains. [via Billboard]

Mother’s Day Playlist: 10 Songs About Mom

Mothers Day songs
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What would we do without our mom? Whether she’s offering comfort via some milk and cookies, or cheering from the sidelines of the state championships, she’s always by your side — even when you don’t come home with the first-place trophy. So for all her grace and patience and hard work and most importantly LOVE, we’ve whipped up this playlist of 10 songs to celebrate the amazing woman she is. More »

Tupac Shakur Hologram Tour Denied By Dr. Dre

After a week of fascination and speculation over the Coachella performance by the virtual Tupac Shakur during Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg‘s set last Sunday, the good doc has finally chimed in on the rumors of the late “California Love” MC’s supposed tour. And, basically, there isn’t going to be a Tupac tour — or at least there’s not one in the works. “It was strictly for Coachella, get it right. I want to get rid of all the rumors out there. This was not done for a tour,” said Dre in a message to his fans. More »

The Idolator Hype Index (Week Of 4.16.12)

This week we said goodbye to a pioneer in music, radio and television, while another legend, from the world of hip hop, was resurrected on stage at Coachella. Meanwhile, Nicki Minaj bid adieu to Twitter, Gotye came from overseas and conquered the singles chart and Lionel Richie climbed to the top of the album chart for the first time in 26 years — despite his current tax woes. Head below to see how these music makers (and others) ranked on our weekly roundup! More »

Coachella All-Hologram Lineup Hits The Web

Tupac Shakur‘s surprise appearance at Coachella on Sunday (Apr. 15) has concert promoters calculating such a stunt’s profitability — even if it only was a 2D effigy of the murdered rapper. Following news Tuesday that Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg may bring ‘Pac’s hologram along on an upcoming tour, a mock Coachella poster hit the web, featuring a lineup full of dead legends who could be resurrected on stage using the same technology. Though we take issue with the prioritization of some of the acts — Jimi Hendrix below Drowning Pool!? — we’d actually jump at the chance to see The Beatles and Elliott Smith on the same bill. Head below to read the full back-from-the-dead roster. More »

Virtual Tupac Shakur To Go On Tour?

Many media outlets and artists thought ‘s virtual resurrection at on Sunday was pretty much the coolest thing ever. The Los Angeles Times, however, called the stunt “a red herring, unnecessary and ill advised.” Whichever side of the fence you’re on, the projection of the deceased rapper may not be a onetime deal, given the amount of coverage the event has received. And according to one report, Shakur’s comrades and , who staged the so-called hologram (it was actually a 2-D image, not a 3-D one, which constitutes holograms) during their set, could take virtual Tupac out on tour this year.
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Coachella Tupac Hologram Probably Cost Six Figures To Produce

Who could’ve imagined that the ghostly resurrection of a tragic and legendary figure would be the breakout story of Coachella 2012? Nick Smith, president of AV Concepts, the company the created the life-size Tupac hologram that appeared on stage alongside Dr. Dre, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and Warren G at the desert music festival on Sunday (Apr. 15), probably did. The stunt was four months in the making and, according to Smith, probably cost somewhere from $100,000 to more than $400,000 to produce. More »