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R. Kelly Tells The Lady In His Life: “U Saved Me”

ARTIST: R. Kelly
TITLE: “Religious”
WEB DEBUT: Oct. 9, 2009

ONE-LISTEN VERDICT: The track is a slow-jam fusion of Kells’ romantic songs (like the criminally slept-on 2007 track “Don’t Let Go”) and the gospel that he dabbled in on U Saved Me, with the singer telling the lady in his life (through a smidgen of Autotune, which maybe is supposed to serve as the confessional-booth screen) that being with her is an experience so transcendent, it’s not unlike the ones he has in church. (Someone get Andrew WK on the phone!) Also that she reminds him of his mother, which sort of sounds like it should be a new Trapped In The Closet plotline, doesn’t it?

WHERE TO HEAR IT: Tyrese tipped his followers off to the song’s existence on ZShare, so get it while you can.

[via The Daily Swarm]

So Much For That R. Kelly/Maxwell Collaboration We Were All Excited About

The undoubtedly sexy Maxwell refutes yesterday’s rumors that he collaborated with R. Kelly, Robin Thicke, The-Dream, and Tyrese on a song that would result in spontaneous pregnancies to any ladies within listening range for Kells’ upcoming album. Aww. I knew it was too good to be true! [Twitter / Earlier]