“Rolling Stone” Gets Behind Barack Obama

rsobama.jpgOnce again, we present Rock-Critically Correct, a feature in which the most recent issues of Rolling Stone, Blender, Vibe and Spin are given a once-over by an anonymous writer who’s contributed to several of those titles–or maybe even all of them! After the click-through, a look at the new issue of Rolling Stone:

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Barack Obama To Q-Tip: Can I Kick It?

According to the New York Post, future popular-vote winner/Supreme Court-mandated loser Barack Obama is going to appear on the next Q-Tip album. Yeah, that’s right, Roots. The best you could get was Patrick Stump? Q-Tip hasn’t released a record in nine years and he gets the maybe-next-president! More »

Is Your Favorite Musician Supporting Your Favorite Candidate?

hillarycourtney.jpgThe Guardian looks at which musicians are endorsing which Presidential candidates today, and delivers the shocking news that the lines of support aren’t as cut and dried as R & B singers breaking for Obama and powerful women in music going to Hillary Clinton’s side of the fence. Shocking! Perhaps almost as mind-bending as the fact that the piece’s information on which musicians are stumping for Republican candidates is pretty thin, although the Guardian does share the somewhat dejecting news complete misinformation that former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic is supporting Ron Paul. More digging didn’t reveal much else, though; the MySpace page Musicians for Ron Paul has Serj Tankian in its top 8 (he doesn’t return the favor), and I came across a musicians for Huckabee blog hasn’t been updated since August. At least he has the Nuge on his side. Anyway, a partial list of musicians who have made their Presidential preferences known is after the jump. Feel free to add your own in comments!

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Megadeth Jackass Tells Political Jackasses To Put Down The Instruments, Jackass

megadeth.jpgDave Mustaine will not stand for the funky fretwork of Mike Huckabee. In fact, when asked to critique Huckabee’s bass playing for Good Morning America, the worm-infested Megadeth frontman called the art of the bass “one step up from playing the kazoo,” which is another way of asking for a late night ass-whupping from the ghost of Charles Mingus. (Or at least a wedgie from Bootsy.) In addition to grooming 2008’s musically minded prez hopefuls Berry Gordy-style, Dave sez he would also be a valuable ally on the campaign trail thanks to an innate ability to reach adolescents into skulls and blood and blowin’ up stuff.

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What Does Barack Obama Have In Common With The Insane Clown Posse?

150x223.jpgQuite a bit. Who knew, right? Apparently anyone committed to a close reading of the Psychopathic Records catalog. In the spirit of democracy/Web 2.0 page view whoring, Barry O’s socially networked Web site is giving blogs away to anyone who asks–and that includes Juggalos, one of whom has penned a lengthy essay explaining exactly where Obama’s positions on various issues link up with the seemingly illiberal policies of the ICP. “The Republicans and right wingers claim to care about the morals of America,” politicized Jughead Robert Tidwell writes, “but it is people like Barack Obama and the Insane Clown Posse, who’ve made it their life’s work in changing the world around them.”

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Indie Rocker And Emo Doofus Want You To Get Out And Vote For The Guy You Were Probably Gonna Vote For Anyway

barrybar.jpgThe Obama campaign can finally relax, because two of the most important musical voices of two distinct generations have officially come out in favor of the ’08 prez candidate and gawky dreamboat, and they’re committed to spreading the good word to two very crucial voting blocs: “tweens with no vote (and Maura)” and “NPR listeners/Pitchfork readers who already vote Dem unless there’s a wacky third party.”

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Barack Obama Digs Jay-Z But Wishes He Was A Little Kinder, Gentler

barrybar.jpgSo after slogging through hours of Giuliani’s justifications for tying with Ron friggin’ Paul and McCain supporters chanting “USA! USA!” on MSNBC, I finally gave up and went to bed before the Democratic results were called in New Hampshire, only to wake up this a.m. to learn that, yes, Barry O finished second last night to Hillary C. And after he conceded, he went back to his hotel room and played “Ignorant Shit” a few dozen times while weeping into his pillow. Well, maybe.

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2008’s Presidential Candidates Compile The Worst iTunes Playlist In (Political) History

rumourz.jpgWhen it comes to picking campaign songs, 2008’s prez hopefuls have gotta be pissy that William Jefferson already raided Rumours, picking the “gold standard for campaign anthems” according to “political pundits” and this here Wall Street Journal story. So how do the other candidates’ choices rate, given the fact that they can’t bite Big Bill’s bulletproof soft-rock steez?

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Light Up The Tree, Mister President (And Bring John Lennon With You)

wandlaura.jpgThe efforts of Clear Channel’s programmers have probably helped you already get sick of holiday music, but there are many fine celebratory songs that would never cross their airwaves out there. To help cut through the clutter we’ve asked Jon Solomon, whose 20th annual 24-Hour Holiday Radio Show on WPRB kicks off at 6 p.m. on Christmas Eve, to offer up some seasonal cheer in MP3 form. Today’s song brings together George W. Bush and John Lennon’s Christmas wish for the world:

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Can Seal Make Figure Skating Cool?

wenn5070081.jpgEd. note: Last night, the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C., hosted “The Music Of Seal On Ice,” which would bring together the songs of the deep-voiced, Heidi Klum-attached crooner and the ice-skating prowess of Brian Boitano, Todd Eldredge, and Kyoko Ina and John Zimmerman (who look like they’re attacking Seal with Ina’s skate above). And lucky for us, former Idolator guestblogger Maria Sciarrino happens to be an expert on both figure skating and pop music, so we bundled her up and sent her down to the nation’s capital for a report on just what would happen when one tried to combine a Seal concert with a few jumps and spins on the ice.

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