The Worst Album Cover Of 2007 Revealed: Budding Art Directors, Take Note

eliteeightttttt.jpgWell, the weeks of polling are over, and we have a winner in our first annual Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament. Before you click through, feel free to reflect on our final eight, and check out a late-arrival cover that should at least get some sort of honorable mention. OK, the suspense is killing you, right? Right?

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A Reminder: You Only Have A Few Days Left To Vote In The Final Round Of The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament

The battle royale between Ted Nugent and Satellite Party ends Monday at noon ET. That’s a little less than three days from now, and if you’ve waited months to help decide the “winner” of our tournament, now’s the time when every vote counts. More »

The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament: The Final Round

thebigtwoooooooo.jpgAnd now, the poll that has been weeks in the making: Idolator’s Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament final. And what a showdown it is! Ted Nugent vs. Perry Farrell. Crappy script fonts vs. crappy script fonts. An ominous-looking shadow vs. blatant abuse of drop shadow. Women-as-meat misogyny vs. some weird concept of a party in space that I don’t have the time to lay out in detail right now, but that does have Nuno Bettencourt on its guest list. An oddly placed guitar vs. an oddly placed wife. Which is truly the worst, though? That’s up to you to decide. Voting is after the jump; polls will stay open until noon ET on Monday, after which we’ll send a Spirograph to the “winning” label’s art department.

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Who Will Place Third In Our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament?

threewaytieforlast.jpgSo many voters seemed morose over the loss of both Helalyn Flowers (who knew an obscure industrial-goth band would become such a part of all of our lives?) and Dave Mustaine and crew (who have always been a part of all our lives) that we thought we’d give you a belated Christmas present: The chance to choose who will take home the coveted bronze in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament. Will the choice between the rivetheads and the Rattlehead prove to be one of the hardest? All signs point to yes.

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Brings You A Gift-Wrapped Final Four

makeitstop.jpgSo! Today begins the semifinal round in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament (voting lasts until 11:59 p.m. ET Wednesday, and the finals begin Thursday). Ted Nugent’s special-edition Love Grenade cover has been the favorite since way before our bracket was even constructed, but remember: Nugent’s opponents, Megadeth, were the ones who knocked out the other Love Grenade cover. And the United Abominations cover does have the advantage of kinda living up to the name of the album it’s representing. Vote after the jump!

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Brings A (Semifinal) Tear To Our Eyes

facetofacetofacetofacetoass.jpgYou know, last week I really thought dark horse Helalyn Flowers might actually go all the way in our tournament, but then I woke up this morning and saw who they were up against in the semifinal round. There’s no way this Satellite is gonna crash now. Perry F. and crew will go on to tussle with the Nuge in the final round for the real bloodletting. Still, I’m actually a little sniffly over Helalyn’s (presumed) loss, but maybe you will prove my pessimism wrong by voting for the scrappy goth duo that no one expected would come so far.

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Race Opens Up And Says “Ugh”

itswhatsfordinner.jpgIt’s the final of the Anatomically Incorrect Bracket here in our Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament. Really, what more can you say about these two covers, except that I suspect that Ted Nugent would be very impressed by Hell Rell’s mouth, and he should probably invite the bullet-toothed rapper over for a home-cooked meal sometime soon? Could you imagine being a fly on the wall there? Anyway, voting’s after the jump.

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Wants You To Lick The Santa Hat

lickthehat.jpgThis is it, the final battle in our Southest Bracket, down to two-headed Helalyn Flowers and twice-hatted Toby Keith. Will Toby put a boot up the electro-goths’ asses or will the Italian duo fell another American country star after slaying Brad Paisley in the last round? And remember: this could be your last chance to puzzle over the mystery that is the Helalyn cover!

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The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament Weeps For Us All

whydoicry.jpgOur Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament’s quarterfinals begin with the last battle in our We Aren’t The World Bracket. In one corner, you have Megadeth’s Photoshopped-out-the-wazoo debutante ball for their new-look Vic Rattlehead; in the other, you have PJ Olsson’s crying, nose-picking, 9/11-remembering cherub. Given the hilarious comments that both these covers have inspired in the past, this may be our toughest race of all four of our quarterfinal matchups! Vote after the jump.

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Avert Your Eyes: It’s The Worst Album Cover Of The Year Tournament’s Elite 8

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