For $600, You Too Can Own A Wearable Punk-Rock Puzzle

noah | January 30, 2007 3:50 am

We’re guessing that the fashion department at the New York Post isn’t on a lot of music promo lists; the paper’s caption underneath the above picture refers to a “graffiti-print” Stephen Sprouse dress, even though it’s clearly patterned with a jumble for punk-rock nerds. (So far, we’ve spotted the Black Flag, Public Image Limited, and Tuxedomoon (!) logos.) Two factors are making us not rip our hair out about this dress: the cut-and-paste playfulness, which is a lot more inventive than those CBGB armbands; and its 1988 street date, meaning that it probably wasn’t ripped off by an Urban Outfitters designer a week later.

Day-Glo Vu [NY Post]