2 Live And To 2 Die On The Web: The Idolator Commenter-Bans Continue

Brian Raftery | February 23, 2007 12:55 pm

It’s the time of the season: The outside forces that affect our fragile music-blog life-cycle (a.k.a the Circle Of Strife) are demanding that we ban some commenters; and so, hoping the keep the balance of nature in check, we analyzed two weeks’ worth of pithy missives, looking for the most ill-informed, asinine or generally unfunny comments. There’s only one problem.

Our commenters are all pretty smart.

Granted, as far as “problems” go, that’s not so bad–it’s kind of like of having a 50-hour layover in Honolulu, or contracting Sleestak allergies. But it puts us in a tough spot: How are we supposed to bust heads in a town where just about everybody has something insightful to say; where even the debates are civil; and where a tossed-off joke like “Sleestak allergies” doesn’t require any hand-holding? As it turns out, you have to look for the one person who doesn’t get it.

So, theHL, we bid you farewell. It wasn’t so much the constant critical barbs that did you in–those we encourage–as it was the angrily fired-off “zingers” that would have been better off on the Velvet Rope. As for the rest of you, we’d like to show our appreciation the only way we know how: By playing a truly terrible ’90s rap song.

2 Live Crew – Banned In The USA [MP3, link expired]