Lyle Lovett Has Destroyed Our Thinkin’ Brains

jharv | August 31, 2007 10:34 am

Lyle Lovett has recorded the theme song to the awful-looking upcoming musical satire Walk Hard: The Legend Of Dewey Cox with the help of Jewel, Jackson Browne, and … Ghostface Killah. (Somewhere my pal John’s throat just clenched without knowing why.) The brief description of said song in this Rolling Stone interview has rendered me momentarily … something:

“I had met Jackson years ago and he’s always been really kind to me over the years. And I had met Jewel but I had never sung with her. She was great to work with. And it was the first time to meet Ghostface Killah. It was very cool, he’s very cool. There’s a breakdown in our version, in the middle of it, where Jewel yodels and he raps over that.”

Well, that’s it. There is nothing Kanye can ever to do top that for awesomely awful collaborations with wack-ass white people. Ever. Sorry, ‘Ye. Swedish whistling shrivels and dies in the face of Alaskan gap-toothed yodelling. Holy crap. I mean, what??

Lyle Lovett Meets Ghostface [Rolling Stone]