Voxpop Go Crate-Digging At Rough Trade

noah | June 4, 2008 12:00 pm

This morning I’ve been enjoying the MySpace offerings of the British outfit Voxpop, whose demo MP3s show a band gliding through various phases of post-C86 NME fillers with all the moxie of an indie disco DJ. The peppy chime of “All The Time” has been helping alleviate today’s seemingly endless gray skies, but something tells me that the bulk of the Idolator readership is going to freak out over “Hacienda Motel” (!), which gives off a low-budget Suede vibe. Hey Bernard Butler, now that you’re done with the Black Kids, can you maybe give these kids some time in your studio? The songs are there–a fact which, given your previous production entanglement, should come as something of a relief–they’re just a bit spare, but I’m sure that your deft touch will allow them to blossom. [MySpace; HT Loudersoft]