Now That Katy Perry Is Gone, I Can Watch “FNMTV” Again

Dan Gibson | July 18, 2008 12:00 pm

The Pete Wentz project FNMTV promises a world of entertainment this week for those of you who aren’t seeing Mission of Burma tonight (grrr). This week’s all-over-the-place lineup of videos is rather charming–save the inclusion of the madness called Shwayze.

Noted Muslim sympathizers the Jonas Brothers take the stage this week, which is probably a warmup for their appearances on every media outlet known to man in the forthcoming weeks. It’s inevitable. We’re losing control of our nation to the Jonases, a fate that will only be avoided if Tokio Hotel finally challenges the brothers to a duel.

The videos premiering tonight range from good to interesting to Shwayze.

Shwayze – “Corona & Lime” Lesley Roy – “I’m Gone, I’m Going” Slipknot – “Psychosocial” Nelly – “Body On Me” (featuring Akon and Ashanti)

It’s nice to see some metal scheduled in a slot outside of Headbanger’s Ball these days, and the Lesley Roy song is enjoyable in a Paramore-light sort of way. I’m dubious about the Nelly track, if only because it’s called “Body On Me'” and has both Akon and Ashanti guesting on it.

And then there’s Shwayze. I understand that MTV is promoting an entire series featuring Shwayze and his lovable sidekick Cisco Adler, but is anyone asking for more of this guy? There hasn’t been an act that’s been more pushed down our collective throats, yet shrugged at by the public, in recent memory. Meanwhile, despite the public rejecting Cisco Adler any way it can, he keeps finding a way to sneak his way back into our lives.

Still, Slipknot! Perhaps they’ll wear some new new masks.

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