Kelly Clarkson Throws It All Away

noah | January 28, 2009 8:00 am

So, about that Kelly Clarkson video premiere happening tonight… well, actually, it happened a bit early, thanks to either an obsessive fan or a coordinated leak campaign. The clip for “My Life Would Suck Without You” is streaming out some backdoor on AT&T’s site, and it’s a pretty cute, if slightly incoherent, clip that revolves around the inaugural American Idol chucking a bunch of her boyfriend’s crap out of their apartment’s window, laughing all the way. Kelly looks so happy, especially during the crucial “singing along with herself in the car” scene, which also doubles as a cautionary tale against driving under the influence of an argument with your significant other. Those of you who don’t want to install AT&T’s special player can check out the YouTube embed after the jump. UPDATE: It’s down, but there’s another embed below…

competition winner [] Kelly Clarkson [AT&T via MJ] Kelly Clarkson – My Life Would Suck Without You [YouTube]