Justin Timberlake Is Dreaming Of A Better Day

noah | February 2, 2009 9:30 am

Last month, I wrote about R & B Kings 2009, a mixtape from Big Mike and DJ Neptune that featured new tracks from Rihanna, Justin Timberlake, and Bobby Valentino; over the weekend, a sequel to the mix leaked. This edition also has brand-new tracks by Ri-Ri, Justin, and Bobby, as well as premiere tracks from R. Kelly and Ciara. The standout is Timberlake’s breakup mope “Better Not Together,” in which he goes into bummed-out, velvet-voiced soul man mode, but Ciara’s aerobics-class-worthy “Turntables” is pretty bouncy and fun as well. A selection of tracks after the jump.

Justin Timberlake, “Better Not Together”

Bobby Valentino, “You Don’t Wanna Love”

(Again, I am so excited for this album.)

Ciara feat. Chris Brown, “Turntables”

Rihanna, “Hatin’ On The Club”

There’s also an R. Kelly salute to asses (produced by Lil Jon!), but it’s kinda eh.

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