Imogen Heap Talks About Giving Her Songs Over To The People

Robbie Daw | January 20, 2010 3:28 pm

Imogen Heap already earned two Grammy nominations for her latest album, Ellipse and gained plenty of new fans thanks to Jason Derulo, but she still feels like an underdog. Current Music posted Imogen’s segment from its six-part “Embedded” series today, which finds the singer in Los Angeles, premiering her song “First Train Home” on the influential public radio station KCRW in Santa Monica, Calif.

“It now already feels like it doesn’t belong to me, and it’s on its way,” Imogen says once the track airs. “It’s now in the big wide world… I’m just excited for the song’s journey.”

Watch Heap on her L.A. adventure below.

The British singer also discusses her feelings on her 2005 tune “Hide And Seek,” which was recently reinterpreted for the masses via a sample in Jason Derulo’s #1 smash “Whatcha Say.”

“It’s the one that really has a life of it’s own,” she says of the song. “People have covered it all over the world in different choral groups and kazoo versions. It just doesn’t feel like mine. It feels like it belongs to everyone else now.”

And indeed it does—Derulo’s single has sold over two million digital downloads so far.

Ellipse is up for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical at this year’s Grammys, while her song “The Fire” is up for Best Pop Instrumental Performance.