Gorillaz Mix-And-Match Animation Styles In Their “On Melancholy Hill” Vid

Becky Bain | June 14, 2010 3:30 pm

After reminding everyone that their band is in fact composed of human beings, Gorillaz have returned with a typically gorgeous animated video for new single “On Melancholy Hill”. The (who else?) Jamie Hewlett-directed clip manages to incorporate a range of animation styles that the British electro-pop act has used throughout their career, mixing flat drawings with computer-animated creatures and scenery. Watch Gorillaz’s cartoon alter-egos — and their animated guests — face the mysteries of the sea below.

Gorillaz – “On Melancholy Hill”

Stunning. And Noodle is adorable even while handling a deadly weapon, isn’t she?

In case you missed it, making brief animated cameos in the clip are Plastic Beach guests such as Lou Reed, De La Soul, and Snoop Dogg. Look how cool Snoop looks while driving around the Mercedes of underwater subs.

The funky hip-hop jam “Superfast Jellyfish” was originally intended to be the band’s second single from Plastic Beach, but they made a last minute switch to this happy little midtempo track. A giant iTunes bundle of remixes will be available to download on July 26, just in time for you to slap ’em on your iPod and enjoy listening to them on a real beach.

In less exciting Gorillaz news, Damon Albarn and Hewlett are no longer working with Watchmen author Alan Moore on an opera. “It didn’t work out, shall we say,” Moore told the Magus Conference in Northampton, despite the fact that he admitted he had written one third of it already. Sad to hear, but we hope this doesn’t stop Damon and Hewlett from continuing their own opera without Moore. If their music videos are any indication, they’re doing quite well on their own.