Ke$ha’s “Take It Off” Video Is A Dionysian Orgy Of Glitter

Robbie Daw | August 3, 2010 8:16 am

In Ke$ha’s music video for fourth Animal single “Take It Off,” the laser harp-playing minx rounds up a gaggle of scruffy looking ladies and gents at some fleabag motel for a group romp. Eventually they all end up in the establishment’s drained swimming pool, exploding into sparkly clouds of  disco glitter. Skanky? Yes. Do we wish we could score an invite to a Ke$ha party? Well, okay—hell yes. Watch the Paul Hunter and Dori Oskowitz-directed video below.

It’s kind of like an American Apparel ad on ecstasy. Wonder if they tipped housekeeping when they checked out?

A couple weeks back, Ke$ha explained the intricate concept behind the “Take It Off” video to MTV. “It’s my favorite video, I think, ever, that I’ve done because I get to get really dirty in glitter sand, and we all get naked because we’re just, like, taking it all off,” said the highly-downloaded singer.

“Take It Off” was produced by Dr. Luke—pretty much like every other hit this year.