Antoine Dodson Discusses His Next Sassy Single On ‘Lopez Tonight’

Robbie Daw | November 9, 2010 8:03 am

With his hair straightened, skinny jeans and fur-lined boots on and jovial spirit overflowing, music mastermind (it’s Tuesday morning, folks—work with us here) Antoine Dodson strutted onto the Lopez Tonight stage and engaged in a joyful one-on-one with host George Lopez. “I’m livin’,” Dodson said of his new-found (and accidental) success. “I get to go all places I ain’t never been.” Head below to watch Antoine talk about how Hollywood came knocking after “Bed Intruder Song” blew up. The track—a Gregory Brothers remix of Dodson’s news bites from a story about his sister being attacked in her bedroom—quickly became a viral sensation over the summer.

Dodson explained, “I know they aired it at 5. That same day, two or three hours later, somebody called me and was like, Oh my God, Antoine—it’s on YouTube. You got 305 viewers. The next day people started calling me and was like, I’m an agent, I want to give you this amount of money… I was so terrified. I never got this amount of money offered to me a day in my life!”

Hot revelation: “Bed Intruder Song” topped the chart in Sweden, and, Antoine says, the song was also submitted for a Grammy.

Even hotter revelation: Dodson is working on new music. His next single is called “Stupid (You So Dumb).”

And how did Antoine feel after doing his first live television interview as a musician? “Had so much 2day. Got treated lyke a KING/QUEEN 2day,” he tweeted last night.