Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The “Glory” In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | June 17, 2011 5:30 pm

The music video for “The Edge Of Glory,” the third single off Lady Gaga’s million-selling Born This Way album, arrived this week, and it’s left Little Monsters far and wide feeling divided. Famed video director Joseph Kahn was once set to direct Gaga’s latest visual, but rumor has it there was a falling out on the set between director and singer. We already rounded up assessments of the final product by music critics. Now head below to see what our readers had to say about the Haus Of Gaga-directed “The Edge Of Glory” video! :: Alex had nothing but praise on Lady Gaga Does The Right Thing In Her “The Edge Of Glory” Video: “I thought and still think it is one of her best videos. So beautiful and simple. Fits the song perfectly. Might have topped Bad Romance for me. She is amazing and if she did direct it herself she is certainly talented in that regard. Loved the video.”

Lady Gaga 2 The Edge Of Glory video
:: Stacey E commended Gaga for featuring sax legend Clarence Clemons in the video: “The fact that it’s not what you were prepared for is what makes it good. I’m always surprised that a girl in her mid 20’s has some of the same musical references that people my age do. That is why she has every right to be a musician, whether you like her or not, because she actually cares about music and not just the stuff aimed at people her age. I was horrified this year in American Idol when they had people proudly declaring that they didn’t know who the Beatles were, yet expected to end up with a recording contract. Those people have no business in the music business.”

:: Dang, however, was an unhappy monster: “WTF did she fire joseph kahn??? his videos are AHMAZING! (womanizer, the sweet escape, to name a few) I love Mother monster but she should NOT have fired him!!! The Marry the night video better be AHMAZING, there’s nothing else i can say…”

:: Richard Craig Morales also felt let down: “This is probably my all time favorite song of hers currently, so I had high hopes for the video. I was a bit underwhelmed and it’s not my favorite clip of hers. I will say that it’s shot beautifully. I just wish there was at least one more storyline going on.”

:: ZMH expressed disappointment, as well: “The edge of the glory is actually song i really like…it has a classic, nostalgia feeling to it, and a big single along chorus, pretty much like the magic formula of katy perry’s teenage dream. but instead of made a matching video she gave us this great does of tranquilizer…IHI HIB Y&&)I)…ah sorry, i just feel on sleep on my keyboard while typing above. PS, i’d like to know about any crazy fan interpretation of any symbolism that may or may not be there.”

:: Luke agreed with the praise on Review Revue: Critics React To Lady Gaga’s “The Edge Of Glory” Video: “The song was made about her grandfather dying! Of course it won’t be an upbeat dance video. I enjoyed the toned down mood for once. I LOVE LADY GAGA”

:: Keithjude put his paws down, though: “The video for Edge Of Glory is horrbile, I’m so disappointed. People have to stop making lame excuses for her like: ‘She wanted to let the music stand on its own’, she released & made a horible video. I feel very let down. I love Gaga 100% but this video is HORRID. Never make a video like this again, Gaga. – Sad little monster”

:: Jack Bauer also had some action-packed words for Mother Monster: “I tired of people thinking that this stupid whore is brilliant and talented. Her voice is so auto tuned on her album it’s ridiculous! We she sings live she sounds like complete crap. Her HBO special showed how much of a freak she really is. She needs to be heavily medicated and locked up in the mental ward for a while.”

:: Diamond braved the rough: “I guess you don’t know anything about talent if you think her voice is auto-tuned. She sings LIVE and she sounds great. Suck it up and give credit where credit is due even if you are a jealous no life prick.”

:: LadyGaga_Sucks lived up to their user name: “What a huge lump of dog crap! To hell with Lady Gaga. I thought she was something special when I listened to the Fame Monster. Her new album Born This Way is an over auto tuned nightmare. She acted like she had Tourette syndrome on her HBO special. What a piece of garbage! She is an oversexed, untalented, douche bag that still complains about how she was bullied in high school. Why would you complain about being bullied in high school in front of thousands of screaming fans? I bet she can fit 30 tampons inside of her at one time!”

:: Xadax put paws firmly around Mother Monster’s throat on Adele Grabs Chart Throne Back From Lady Gaga While Book Of Mormon Soars: “Yes! Slap Gaga’s craptastic album Adele! I prefer listening to ’21’ than ‘Bored This Way’.”

:: June saw the chart breakdown as a fable: “i’m a gaga fan, but i’m elated that Adele is at number one again. yeah, yeah: gaga might have sold more total so far, but it’s very much the tortoise and the hare. no gimmicks, Adele just keeps on keeping on. oh, Aesops. how much youve taught me.”

:: Finally, Raina Mermaid saw a glimpse of what the “Edge Of Glory” vid might have been on Lady Gaga Is A Little Mermaid On Le Grand Journal: “The same person who made Gaga’s tail made mine. Im so stoaked to know we’re a little connected! Hah! I hope she does a mermaid music video Ive been hoping she’d pull a mermaid for years”