Commemorate The End Of Harry Potter With 10 Pop Song Parodies

Becky Bain | July 12, 2011 2:21 pm

Don’t shame us muggles, but no one here at Idolator HQ is all that familiar with the Harry Potter phenomenon. (Blame the fact that none of the movies’ soundtracks featured any regulars from the Top 40.) However, we realize many of you out there are both super excited (and extremely saddened) that the series is wrapping itself up with the release of the final installment this Friday, so luckily the Internet has given us something both camps can enjoy: Harry Potter-themed pop song parodies! And, my oh my, are there a lot of them.

First up is this pretty respectable take on Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, as sung by The Boy Who Lived. Sittin’ in the front of the broom, sittin’ in the back of the broom, which seat am I going to take?

Beyonce’s “Halo” is just as powerful when it’s sung about the Deathly Hallows.

We honestly could listen to Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep”, even when Harry Potter-ized.

This video teaches us how to dougie while also teaching us to Dobby. Multi-task!

Someone actually thought this Black Eyed Peas’ song was relevant enough to parody it — “Just Can’t Catch A Snitch.”

Wow, bonus points for this girl pulling off Bruno Mars’ one-shot “The Lazy Song” video concept for her Harry Potter parody.

Somehow we can’t picture the students of Hogwarts partying quite like the teens in Katy Perry’s “Last Friday Night” video.

We can’t handle this HP parody of Flo Rida and David Guetta’s “Club Can’t Handle Me”, but here it is anyway.

This parody of Eminem, Royce Da 5’9″ and Bruno Mars’ “Lighters” comes off more genuinely sad to be without new HP movies.

This one’s a few months old, but let’s include it anyway — enjoy the Harry Potter sport of quiddich as explained to the tune of Far East Movement’s “Like A G6”.

There’s bound to be more as the week progresses. (There’s certainly more where this came from on YouTube.) But what we’re really looking forward to is video of Draco Malfoy throwing down a Harry Potter gangsta rap.

UPDATE: We told you! They won’t stop coming! Here’s Kanye West’s “Monster” as rapped by Lord Voldemort. Or are we not supposed to mention his name?

[Via PopDust]