T.I. Sounds Off With Pharrell In New Track “Here Ye, Hear Ye”

Idolator Staff | October 19, 2011 9:55 am

T.I. can fictionalize street life all he wants — he’s lived it, and there’s a clear reminder of it on his air-tight new collaboration with Pharrell, “Here Ye, Hear Ye”, the best jam he’s released since completing his most recent prison sentence. (Which means something, considering the heat on “I’m Flexin'” and his verse on that “N*ggas In Paris” remix). Listen below as Tip uncages his Southern flow and recounts his struggle to recover from the violent death of his friend Philant Johnson.

Tip isn’t shy when it comes to his (disappointing) return to prison just months after wrapping up an earlier bid: “Laying in the prison cell, staring at the ceiling / Back in this in this bitch again, guess they wasn’t bulls***ing, huh?” But he balances humility with defiance, brushing off his critics: “I tell you what you do / Take your two cents / Kick rocks to a fountain / Pitch ’em and make a wish.” Credit is also due to Pharrell (billed here as “SK8BRD”), who produced the track, and who actually manages to match Tip’s ferocity with one of his strongest verses in some time. (Maybe he’s been practicing on that yacht.)

Is there any doubt that T.I. is back in form? The only question now is whether to title his album Kill The King or Trouble.

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