Whatcha Say: Headless Gaga + Posthumous Amy Winehouse Got Our Readers Talking

Robbie Daw | November 18, 2011 5:30 pm

By Monday morning, Lady Gaga’s UK X Factor performance — which featured a decapitated Mother Monster holding her own head in the crook of her arm while singing “Marry The Night” — had washed onto the Internet. The past week also brought a listening session for Amy Winehouse’s upcoming Lioness collection, Rebecca Black’s new single “Person Of Interest” and the announcement of Billboard‘s revised chart rules. See how our readers sounded off below!

:: Nickie interpreted Lady Gaga Marries The Night, Loses Her Head On The X Factor for the masses: “Marry the Night is about accepting your past and marrying your insecurities and being stronger due to it. She’s said the video is about her time in New York aka her transformation from ‘normal’ to the person she is and chooses to be now so the imagery is perfect. Confessional being a religious form of letting your mistakes/sins go. And the losing your head thing being metaphorical for her losing herself in the club scenes and being addicted to drugs and her dark period she’s talked about being on the floor as a coke addict only making music. At the end she has her head back and dancing/celebrating herself”

:: iche replied with this: “god, gaga fans. get laid.”

:: Steven I-Yash Odige couldn’t get enough of J. Cole’s “Can’t Get Enough”: At Your Request: “WOW you guys did a awesome job on the review! im glad you chose this video and I cant wait to see what you guys do next.”

:: Aaron Howard was not feeling Rebecca Black Drops New Single “Person Of Interest”: “That was the most unexciting song I have ever heard. She has no passion behind her singing. The only crime scene here is the fact that this song is going to be released to the public.”

:: Brette occupied the comments section on Billboard Changes Rules Thanks To Lady Gaga’s Born This Way 99 Cent Sale: “I still cannot believe people complained when Gaga sold her album for 99 cents. Sure it may be a marketing strategy but who cares, in this economy, that is practically a steal and people should be thanking her.”

:: Scott Mihalik joined the protest: “Born This Way didn’t even NEED to be sold for .99 a pop to reach its number 1 spot on the album charts after its debut week. Just saying. It easily earned that spot with its original merits.”

:: Erika got emotional on Amy Winehouse Lioness: Hidden Treasures: Listening Session Review: “I don’t understand how I can miss someone so much when I’ve never even met them. I hope you’re resting well hun. Your music was beautiful and still is just like you underneath it all. RIP Amy”

:: Yeo had nothing but praise for Sammy Adams Sets It Off In His “Blow Up” Tour Video: “Ive seen sammy twice and met him both times. hes literally the best. so nice, so humble and his performances are amazing and hes only getting started. hes sexy and his music is bumpin.”

:: Mike Shakespeare took on the role of casting director on Michael Jackson Biopic In The Works: “Usher Raymond is the best option for the role. He out-classes Chris Brown in every aspect that one could think Chris is strong at.”