Beyonce’s “Dance For You” Video: First Look

Idolator Staff | November 20, 2011 2:39 pm

Beyonce’s “Dance For You” video looks to be sizzling with retro style — not the 90s day-glo fun of her flirty “Party” video or the 60s mod fashion of “Countdown”, but a more classic seductive look that feels inspired by the 40s or film noir. In two video stills that surfaced today, the busy B is seen wearing thigh-high nylons and garters as she stands in an open doorway, and again as she dances in front of a vintage-style fan. Get your sneak peek at the visuals for the 4 bonus track below.

It’s difficult to tell from the photos, but it’s possible this was shot well in advance of Beyonce’s baby bump becoming as pronounced as it is today.

“Dance For You”, which we spun in our post about Beyonce’s Live At Roseland DVD, is a dangerously slick slow-jam co-produced by The-Dream, and the early visuals from the video show she plans to conduct herself accordingly. Is B about to out-do herself? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or in the comments.

[Via PunchBowl]