George Michael’s “White Light” Video: His Life Comes Down To Kate Moss’ Coin Toss

Robbie Daw | July 17, 2012 7:32 am

George Michael survived a drastic bout of pneumonia this past winter, and apparently the singer has Kate Moss to thank for it. The supermodel plays George’s guardian angel of sorts in the video for his 30-year music anniversary single “White Light”, the lyrics of which detail the severity of his illness last year — atop a throbbing dance beat, of course.

The pop icon shakes his booty in both a desert and among a group of celebratory dancers in the clip, while shots of a patient in a hospital — and even George himself being gunned down by police, possibly a reference to his past arrests — are edited in. And then there’s Kate flipping a coin to determine whether or not the singer will live or die. And the, um, zebra. Whatever the influence his near-death experience had on Michael, the event sure seems like it was trippy. We’re just happy he’s back to making music.