Angel Haze’s New Video Is No Bueno

Mike Wass | June 10, 2013 6:03 pm

Unfortunately the video for Angel Haze‘s new single lives up to its title. “No Bueno” is, well, no bueno. The Frank Borin-directed visual looks cheap and its misguided humour is ill-suited to the angry, angst-ridden lyrics.

The plot? There is none. A bunch of random peeps come together to lip sync Angel’s latest in an empty studio. That’s it. I guess the laughs were supposed to come from the decision to cast drag queens, little people and non-dieters but that seems unusually mean-spirited for an artist who preaches inclusion.

“No Bueno” is the first taste of the feisty femcee‘s much-hyped debut Dirty Gold. Hopefully, she puts more effort into the next clip.

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