A Pop Star’s Guide To Rocking An Injury: 8 Ways To Look Your Best, At Your Worst

Mike Wass | July 10, 2013 5:37 pm

Mariah Carey jumped on Instagram earlier this week to show concerned Lambs a picture of her post shoulder surgery. Only the #beautiful diva wasn’t wearing a boring hospital gown and suffering from anesthesia-induced bed hair. Instead, Mimi looked typically resplendent with flowing locks and a stylish ensemble.

And she’s not alone in turning an injury into a fashion-forward photo op. Justin Bieber lost his shirt altogether, while Rihanna showed off her IV (and killer manicure). Oh and let’s not forget Lady Gaga‘s Louis Vuitton wheelchair. See how your favorite pop stars cope with disability above.

Who looked their best at their worst? Spill in the comments.