Lady Gaga Trolls Us All With ‘ARTPOP” Teaser Video

Christina Lee | August 10, 2013 9:17 am

Lady Gaga continues to steer clear of the now-traditional hype cycle for new album ARTPOP and, as a result, thoroughly confuses her fans. In a clip labeled “ARTPOP 1ST SINGLE,” an unidentified hand squeezes the belly of a toy bear so that it sings a melody, one note at a time. (Yup.)

The clip was posted by makeup artist Tara Savelo, the same person who posted a photo revealing the title of ARTPOP‘s debut single, “Applause.” It does not show much, except for perhaps one truth: Compared to other, seconds-long teasers of singles by Selena Gomez, Demi Lovato and now Katy Perry, Gaga has been displayed to us naked (a lot, actually), but refuses to appear alluring in any way.

Actually, here’s one more — at the very least, the toy’s “song” sounds far more pleasant than Lady Gaga’s meditation chant from performance Marina Abramovic‘s new Kickstarter trailer. (Sorry, Mother Monster.) Check out the new ARTPOP “teaser” after the jump.