Katy Perry Goes Deep House In New ‘Prism’ Track “Walking On Air”: Listen

Sam Lansky | September 30, 2013 5:46 am

Well! After revealing the paint-by-numbers pop-rock smash “Roar” and the dissonant, trappy “Dark Horse,” Katy Perry has unveiled the latest tune from her upcoming LP Prism, and it’s probably much better than its predecessors. (Okay, it’s definitely better than its predecessors.) The new track, “Walking On Air,” goes as deep house as a mainstream pop record can go — with frosty, clattering synths courtesy of producer Klas Ahlund (a frequent Robyn collaborator) and a fluttery vocal performance from Perry. The lyrics, though, are still quintessentially Katy, sort of likably goofy and self-conscious — “You’re reading me like erotica / Boy you make me feel exotica” — but the chorus is radio-friendly, infectious and aerobic.

Loop the instrumental track for another few minutes and send it out to the club. It’s dancefloor ready.

As the EDM craze wheezes its last dying gasp and the pummeling David Guetta-style house relinquishes its death grip over mainstream radio, it’s a relief to hear major artists like Perry beginning to reference the early ’90s deep house sound that artists like Katy B and Azealia Banks (when she isn’t busy being a horrible monster on Twitter) have so deftly utilized. Maybe there will still be something to dance to after all.

Listen below.

Katy Perry — “Walking On Air”

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