Sky Ferreira Unveils ‘Night Time, My Time’ Cover Art & It’s A Lot

Sam Lansky | October 10, 2013 9:09 am

Sky Ferreira‘s debut album Night Time, My Time is finally coming out in just a few weeks’ time, and the songbird has been teasing songs from the upcoming dark pop opus on Instagram, which make it sound kinda ’80s and kinda rock and kinda lo-fi — but the album artwork, which she just unveiled (also on Instagram), is pretty unambiguous in its direction. It shows Ferreira in a green tile shower, drenched in water, with an expression on her face that’s tortured, or numb, or enraged, or maybe all of the above.

The haunting shot comes courtesy of French filmmaker Gaspar Noe; it’s doggedly unglamorous, a marked contrast to the high-fashion shoots which have helped buoy her career. The version she shared on Instagram has black bars to cover the nudity, while the unedited version shows her exposed breast. Click here to see the NSFW version.

[via Pitchfork]