Christina Aguilera Lends Her Vocals To A Great Big World’s “Say Something”: Listen

Sam Lansky | November 4, 2013 9:57 am

Lotus legend Christina Aguilera is lending her biconic vocals to A Great Big World‘s plaintive ballad “Say Something,” as revealed in a behind-the-scenes video clip of the songstress teaming up with the New York pop act in the studio, where Aguilera humbly explained that she is “only taking on projects that feel good to me and represent, as always, a purpose of the here and now in my life.” Aguilera will be performing the track alongside the band tomorrow on The Voice, but in advance of that big unveiling, the song is now available for streaming online — and it’s really nice!

The song, a spare piano ballad, was already pretty heartrending, but Aguilera’s vocals provide some lovely support and additional pathos; it’s a relief to hear that she enriches, rather than overwhelms, the track.

Tune in tomorrow night to see them perform it on The Voice, and listen to the song below.

[via EW]